Who was best girl?

Who was best girl?

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Eris of course although Doctor Durell is pretty supple to if you know what I mean.

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Aoi, but all girls were amazing except for tomboy.
Doc and teacher are my favorites too.

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Grandma cat bot
why did ahe have to go bros ;-;

No one else could replace her captain in her heart.

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Chaika. I bet that she has some great holodeck material for date night.

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Good old Dr. Do Me. I'd love to ring her bell.

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Eris was by far my favorite. She's fun and genki and just a nice sweet girl, not to mention a drop dead sexy catgirl too. She just ticks so many boxes for me.

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>4 ears

Two are fake.

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the one with flat chest and big ass

Captain Kuune

Full dive reality when?

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Images like yours are why I like short haired girls.

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the winner

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Mind the gap.

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You'll make her blush, user.

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My face goes here.

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That was a pretty good race

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the cat is trying to fuck that ass

The one with fat tats

show was shit, who cares.

who is the best

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Doc and Captain were both great, but Eris is such a sweetheart that I can't help but choose her over anyone else in the series. Being drop-dead gorgeous is just a supplement.

>ass - tits - thighs
they all win sorry

That series was way too hamfisted.

I mean, I've nothing against drawing cat tits and harems but there was no subtlety and a lot of dumb shit. It was grating having an MC *that* self-inserty.

I know you shouldn't expect anything of ecchi trash, but cmon.

No one with 2 sets of ears that's for sure

There's only one way to get an answer, user.

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i want to choose right but i prefer left tits and long hair

Loved the loli nipples, but this still is one of the most stupid, imbecile shows Ive ever watched.
Felt neurons dying watching this crap.

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>i prefer left tits
I've read of some odd preferences here over the years; that one might take the cake. You don't have a twin sibling by any chance, do you?