ITT Rejection pages

ITT Rejection pages.

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Hahahaha always makes me laugh.

How is it rejection when Sakura didn't even mean it?

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This thread.

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fuck subaru he is a bitch !!!

Was this a big scene when it was revealed? I don't follow the series. Isn't Emilia hotter anyway?

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It is a painful rejection. She confesses her feelings and she goes on how she wants to have his children and how much she loves him. Then this dick says this.

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Looks like a terrible self-insert manga for the average jap

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He said he wanted her to run away with her and settle down. Then she says she can't but she's thought about it alot and goes on a cute tangent. Then he says he loves another girl
It's a p weird scene tbhf

So, he went for the big tiddies

Careful, you're going to summon HIM.

emilia's a 2d with a 3d heart. too bad for subaru though, because rem belongs to me.

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Boruto tread 404'd


they both have big tit, the one getting reject have bigger one too

Why did Kusokoi live longer than this? This was the superior series.

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Good thing it does, seeing how she was Negi's intended comic relief and all.

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i like it didnt drag on too much

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No real reason
And that shit survived until became a loli thread from Yas Forums

i love nino so much


Fuck this manga. The girl with the most rushed development and some of the least scene time wins. I wish I never picked this up again.

>girl with the most development loses
I'll vindicate you Nino, just you wait

Bitching on Yas Forums for years won't vindicate anything.

I love that moment. Archer's words still puzzle me though. Was he trying to tell Shirou he should keep protecting Sakura to avoid ending up like him, or was he getting cold feet about Shirou actually abandoning his ideals? I guess both interpretations work. It's just a really cool scene

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The best thing about 5toubun is that people will still be butthurt by 2030

Why did negi do this?

God i hate those noses

Pretty sure this was so he could pull a twist on the audience. From what I read from various posts here, it seems like everyone was talking about Ichika, Nino and Miku. Why? Because they had by far the most development, interaction and open affection for the MC.
I'm guessing this was more or less the same for the readers in Japan too. Negi didn't want an ending that people could predict, so he thought about how he could pull on over on them, and finally remembered that he had written in a fifth sister in the manga and then decided she would win.

He said it was payback for er being abitch nd drugging the guy twice, ergo her falling for him and then getting rejected to never be able to move on was ment to be punishment for her wrongdoing.

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It was fucking obvious Yotsuba was going to win all along. Hell, Editor spoiled the ending months before.
Were do you think those Yotsuba 4D memes came from?

Nah, the Nino in my story will win. Even if the 2nd place girl becomes more popular.

These were a thing before halfway into the manga when everyone expected fatty to win

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>1,2 and 3 carry out the plot
>5 is assumed to win by being the first girl, so she doesn't need much development
>4 gets lost in all this drill, then just goes on and wins
He played mystery so hard he even outplayed himself.

That's the thing with anime/manga watchers, most are unironically retarded. They bellieved fatty was going to win because she was first girl and that's it.
People talk about Negi twist but motherfucker literally played word for word the recipe book for mystery novels. By 3/4 of the manga it was really fucking clear Yotsuba was the only character were the win made sense.
Nino was mistreated in the end, I'll give them that