Mewkledreamy, Aipare, Prichan, and others


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I want to cum inside Yume.

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I want to see Kaguya's adventures in New York City.

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Did anybody finish their coloring books while the thread took an extended break?

Mio is sexy.

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Aoi and Ichigo are gay for each other.

aipare sucks

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Very lonely Friday

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Suzu-chan is beautiful.

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No more coloring books ever again.

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Are the donuts a metaphor?

There is one thing I didn't get from Aikatsu stars: exactly, what was wrong between Yume and Hikaru Moroboshi? was he just afraid that she followed his sister's fate or did I miss something?

>was he just afraid that she followed his sister's fate
Yes, also Moroboshi is autistic and his wife Hime is too much of a pussy to talk back to him.

He's excessively socially inept. It either never occurred to him to talk to her about it directly or he's just that socially incompetent that he would prefer to avoid the conversation even when her health is at risk.

Who will we ship Rabiri with!?

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People last thread said Soruru is a girl?
I thought they sounded like a boy to me.

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I hate myself and want to die.

That's what the idol shows are for, to save you

according to the
both solulu and luluna are girls

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being kyoot is what matters most!
when youre an idol, all you need is kyootness, not being good at anything else can be fixed with a yurushite nyan~
fugly idols dont really have an excuse!

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Would you fuck Soruru?

im not a freak
i would put them in kyoot build a bear clothes and do their fur up in little bows and give them tons and tons of CUDDLES!!!!