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Why is the loli naked?

>he doesn't eat his big juicy burgurs with littel naken girls

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This is the best recurring thread on Yas Forums right now

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Post Rumi covered in burg.

Why is she naked and why is that hand on her head? I don’t like where this is headed.

lolis are messy eaters

It's a hat.

hot dogs > burgers

Delicious borgors

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I'd eat her two hamburgers.

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Fuck off nigger.

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hot dogs and hamburgers are just meme sandwiches for low-IQ ADHD retards

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>hot dogs

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>hating on burgs
Found your sandwich, fag

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No, no~

only if you think it that way frogposting retard

the right way to get bahga is with a wrapper around it and with minimal sauce so the the contents don't slip out from under you.

it would be a BLTG anyways... stupid fucking faggots trying to inject their delusions... smdh

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Why can't we just have a quality thread aboug anime/manga girls eating burgers?

Who else eats his burger like that?

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Nobody with a brain.

be the change that you want to see in others

Gluttonous loli. Someone needs to tell her she can't handle something so big!

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She bought this moster burger plus three big macs, how is she able to keep this kind of figure?


It takes a lot of energy to heft those milk tanks around everywhere she goes.

You are motherfucker?

Stop consuming meat.

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When I was in the US I used a fork and knife to eat a burger in. People looked at us like we were complete retards, but seriously the burger was as big as my head.

Why do anime girls like hambagah so much?

Why would you post Araragi? He's not into that kind of thing, he even says so himself.

>eat government insect paste goyim

in italy i bought a burger and they gave out rubber gloves so you didn't get your hands dirty


american cheese,fried jalapeno,pickles, tomato, lettuce, mustard

On a hot dog


>raw and fried onions
Stay out of this if you don't know what you are talkingn about.

overloaded hotdogs are too annoying to eat
just add some sauerkraut, chili and cheese

There appears to be hair on that burger, she should get a refund.

>american cheese
just vomited in my mouth

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I forgot to list fried onions

>He's never had gourmet burgs
Fuck off casual.

It's the only acceptable use for american cheese

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Try adding just a few raw onions, trust me you won't regret it.

On a pineapple pizza!

salisbury steak

It's called pizza Hawaii, and it's the best kind of pizza there is.

Why is that Loli all naked and sweaty?

Why are Europeans afraid to get their hands a little dirty? Napkins exist