>He hasn't fuck a snek

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>knocking up a dumb snek

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Dumb ojou-sama.

>has chocolate bars inside her cloaca
>don't even melt
She must be so cold that would be like fucking a corpse.

Well, she is a cold blooded reptile devil, so it wouldn't be too surprising.

Before becoming a hobo would perkele have killed poporon and pino? Remember that fallen angels count as demons.

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Rip and tear, until the lord's will is done.

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She couldn't even kill Jashin, the weakest of all devils.

I tried to watch this show, gave it half a season, but it seems to have no redeeming factors at all.

The only one with no redeeming factors is you user.

yes, but that's beside the point

Zazas Zazas

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mmm yea snek tits
snitters one may call them

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That's fair enough, everyone has different tastes. I couldn't stomach Kiniro Mosaic even though I fucking love CGDCT SOL comedies. Maybe it's because I'm Welsh and hate the english.

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>has evolution gone too far?

Yurine is forcing her to evolve. She kills Jashin so often its bound to occur until victory has been achieved.

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Almost certainly
>you didn't seek out and destroy all demons when you didn't have powers
>that means you are now demon
>die monster you don't belong in this world

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Do not fuck snek

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For me, it's bagged ATM.

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Why doesn't she just wear sunglasses or something?

Would Jashin still love medusa if she had no money?

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I liked this season a lot more than the first one

Imagine raping Poporon, turning her into a single mother and ruining her idol career for ever.

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Sounds like an easy problem to fix.

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You shouldn't abuse pregnant women like that.

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Stop bullying angels.

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Pekola is so cute and subservient.

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How about the actual lord herself?

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Get your filthy demon-scum hands off our loli-god.

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I'm sorry bros... I couldn't resist the temptation and binged it.

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literally me

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