Hunter X Hunter

Is he even the main character anymore?

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He'll be back, he has to learn Nen again.
Shouldn't take TOO long since he already knows how everything works, he just has to repeat the steps

gon wasn't the main character in yorkshin city;s arc and election arc

No and that's a good thing.

It's ridiculous and quite frankly shounenshitter logic to think there has to be some main character who everything revolves around. On the contrary that's just proof of how good HxH is that it doesn't rely on a main character at all. That's much more realistic and interesting than having a story revolve around a single character, like shonenshit. In CA Knuckle had much more screentime and importance to that arc than Gon ever had, hell even fucking Welfin ended up having a bigger role than Gon.

In HxH instead of seeing the world filtered by a world and NPCs that only narrative purpose is to react to the main characters from a checkbook of cliches, we get to explore the POV of a multitude of countless interesting characters instead. Because what matters is the organic development and nuanced character voice of the side characters that shape the narrative.

In HxH every character has a mind of their own that's completely independent of any pre established narrative, of any main character, the mc have to adapt the world and the intertwined agendas and circumstances of these characters that inhabit it, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND as it happens with most fiction and all the other awful sshounen. And that my fellow chads... is what makes HxH feel so unique from the rest.

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>Shouldn't take TOO long
Yeah just another four year- I mean, six chapters.

No. His journey is over.

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I hope the author recovers. If not, he asked his wife to take over if he does not.

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It's the beauty of HxH
They toss Gon aside if he really doesn't have a spot in the plot.

Every other shounen out there? MC is on the core problem of the arc.

>post something mildly smart that sounds way smarter than it is to low IQ neets
>based Hunterbro

I agree tho

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why? we already saw him at his maximum potential and he reached his goal

BASED Chad-Chad poster

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wtf hunterbros even berserk has new chapters, when is our turn?

When Togashi wakes up.

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Rest well sick man.

He better fucking not let him have some damn consequences from going apeshit on pitou

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He was only the main character in the Hunter Exam, Heaven's Arena and Greed Island.

What does the text say?

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Does HxH even have a future anymore?

six chapters in four years seems too optimistic

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The only reason Gon isn't the protagonist anymore is because Togashi has nothing else to do with him. His "losing muh innocence" shtick was all he was good for and there's nothing more to explore with this boring ass character, he achieved his goal of meeting his father and his story is over, and yet despite that, togashi is such a hack that even tough Gon's arc is complete and togashi doesn't need him anymore, he still reverted him back to exactly what he was before. He really doesn't know any interesting avenues to go with Gon but he's still keeping the door open just in case and won't progress his character. It's pathetic.

Togashi tossed Gon aside because he doesn't have any more ideas for him, he was just like any other shounen MC for every arc he was in, only difference is togashi ended his story in the middle of the manga, not because of a brilliant subversion but simply because he himself found this character he made 20 years ago and didn't really plan much for really boring past what he did to him in chimera ant arc, there's really nothing left to explore.

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It will inevitably suffer the same fate as hakusho and im thinking it already has.