How do you respond?

How do you respond?

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Knowing myself I would unironically say something like:
>Such a wanton concern for labels and formulaic social traditions are the trifles of a lesser mind; an enlightened man such as I is not beholden by such notions.

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pff, no way fag

totally muh beloved wf

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>"Such a wanton concern"
I already hate you

But you've been my waifu for 10 years already!

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Sorry, I love Emilia.


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I care not for fitting whatever bond I might have with my fellow man into a trite formulaic template that this so-called "society" has set out for me. I am my own man, and I chart my own course, not being beholden by such limitations.

No way fag

Why was she crying?


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quickly cum inside before she has the time to explain what she meant

How old are you again?

There's no way I could accept when Ayase is the one I love.

And in reality you are a pseudointellectual who thinks that being verbose makes you smart.
In reality if you truly didn't care about what others think of you then you wouldn't display such attention seeking behavior in an attempt to appear intelligent to others.

Big words are inordinately pretentious

only if you are my wife.

Should I fap to Kirino?

No, you belong to your onii-chan.

Maybe OP is assuming you're taking his perspective. Personally I'd like my own waifu to also be my imouto.

Only to this doujin

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Well if I am her onii-chan it goes without saying I will marry her.

Alright then

Wherever did I even say that I care not about what others think of me?
I simply said that I do not care about formulaic relationships like "boyfriend" and chart my own bonds — the two have nothing to do with one another
The biggest problem with this series is that Kirino never said that.
It should have started with Kiniro talking about the perfect imouto but acting nothing like it, and then becoming that — should have gotten black hair at the end too.

Dare it be said that this poster is, and excuse me for my digression but I must say that I seldom partake in use of the modern vernacular, unrefined as it is, but upon this occasion there seems no more suitable word, based?

I have Kanako already, sorry

Kirino has brown hair though, not black.