If Karen is British how does she have all her teeth?

If Karen is British how does she have all her teeth?

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Where did this meme come from about the teeth? Japanese teeth seem far worse.

because shes like 12 years old or so

jap teeth aren't much better mate

>Where did this meme come from about the teeth?
American imagination.

She's young and has rich parents.

Bullshit, you bongs have always been laughed at for your shitty teeth.

She is a hafu.

Empirically speaking the British have better teeth than most westerners due to it being free.

Karen is 17.

You know, the UK has the highest obesity rate in all of Europe.

It's what you call cope, user.

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It's only free up to a certain age. After that is when people get really fucked, especially with orthodontics.

so she's from an island nation of worldwide pop phenomenons and pedophiles with broken teeth

I just looked through my entire folder and I couldn't find any evidence of her ever having teeth.

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>Really fucked

Come on it's not that expensive. Orthodontics can be but that's cosmetic and free if you're under 18 and your bite is bad enough anyway.

I think most countries besides america have "bad" teeth
america has an obsession with perfect teeth

If she's British how come she's so cute and not incredibly ugly and disgusting?

Once scotland leaves we won't

because it's an anime

my dick that's a 17 year old girl

She's british upper class isn't she?

false, its also free for the unemployed and students. also isn't it usually when teeth are coming in i.e children/teenagers where most of the problems occur that require orthodontics(not including old people obviously, who are also covered for free)


I mostly meant people just letting their teeth get fucked up. Also, Orthodontics aren't just cosmetic, they can reshape a good bit of your lower facial structure.

She's the japanesiest

shes also japanese

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You got a problem with that?

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I can speak from experience that problems can definitely occur and get much worse during adulthood.

I'm pretty interested in hearing this. What was this functional orthodontic problem that arose in adulthood?

Is Karen a pedo?

Are you talking about Japan or Britain?

muh NHS

I think that's the joke

It's mostly retainers and bleaching; it doesn't actually improve the quality, just the æsthetics.
U.S.A. residents are known to smile frequently.

I think people tend to underestimate some of the similarities between Britain and Japan, especially considering how much loathing there for is Britain on Yas Forums and it being a weeb site. The historical parallels are striking.

British have better teeth than Americans. Their dental care is free.