Why are loli characters always so dumb...

Why are loli characters always so dumb? This stupid idiot can't even figure out she's too short to reach the vending machine button.

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I don't even know who this whore is or what shit anime she's from but I'm willing to bet alot of trump buxs that she's just being stubborn and doesn't want to resort to a step ladder or asking someone for help

God, I want to grab her by the armpits, and lift her up so she can reach

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She would probably get pretty embarrassed for needing such help but would secretly love you for it.

Fuck ABIB, middle of this week where these threads survived was nice. He believes everyone on Yas Forums is an Yas Forums-tard

At least she's smarter than her JC sister.

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Oomuro pits

because children are fucking dumb

Not all lolis. Some are quite cunning.

It's to show their childish appeal in that they're too stubborn to ask for help and embarrassed about their short loli-ness.

Cut her some slack, she's just a kid.

nah, she was alone in the park and no object near by to help reach the button you owe me some bucks now user

what happened?

Keep being triggered by loli and you'll get all those diseases you spammed.

This loli seems pretty smart

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>juju looks out for every loli thread so she can post "get (insert disease here)"

Wouldn't it be funny if you lured the two of them with candy and Sakurako would actually be baited?

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I wonder if lolis can figure out sex, I’d be happy to teach them about it

LLENN is very smart

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Because she’s actually a hag

Smart lolis exist. Yuzuka is very smart

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They’re children.

being dumb is cute.

LLENN has a very nice BBUTT

Sacchan pls

Because their brains are preoccupied with thoughts of smegma-covered cocks.

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Big lolibutts are the best

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Big hagbutts are shit, tiny lolibutts are superior

We love big butts on lolis

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But you posted a hag with a hag butt