Is K-On still the best SOL show ever...

Is K-On still the best SOL show ever? There hasn’t been anything to come out since that’s topped it from how I see things. Also Yui is best girl

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idk, only SOL I've watched is K-ON
>Yui best girl


K-On is shit, do you people just watch whatever has girls you think are cute and laud it as quality?


>best SOL show ever

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dragon maid good

Yuru Camp is the best SOL for me, both anime and manga are cozy

>Is K-On still the best SOL show ever?
If you are an ironic weeb who goes to conventions and mostly an /u/ fag yeah

Only if it's good. Some shows have cute girls and still aren't good. K-On has the cutest girls and is the goodest.

Yes, since Yotsubato still haven't got an anime

It is very good, but Hidamari Sketch is the SOL GOAT. Azumanga is second.


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based dubs, hidamari is the best SOL anime

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Its good, but maid dragon and tonegawa are the best ones

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aria and azumanga are better
also this

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where do i get a gf like yui?

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From just the top of my head
Shirobako, yuru camp, sora no woto, non non biyori are all better SOL

Yeah, there's a few decent ones, but none that I'd put over K-On.

>Non Non Biyori
>Yuru Camp
>New Game!
>Dragon Maid

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For me, Honeycomb and the graduation OVA are peak slice-of-life. I'm due a rewatch of K-On though.

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Special needs school

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I hate this little retard so much
Completely ruined K-On for me

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Shirobako was more fun and comfy.

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