ITT characters that are LITERALLY you

ITT characters that are LITERALLY you

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The resemblance is uncanny.

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I'm less of a dick and cute girls don't talk to me but most of it is there

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I want to fuck you user

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Try to guess which one is me.

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Post tummy

Huh! I though you were a robot. But then, I remembered that robot's are unable to solve the captcha.

Bullshit. Robots can't post on 4cchan due to captcha.

But I fail to see any robots in that picture?

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robot? where?


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He literally looks and acts like me

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Otokonoko you cute crossdresser

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Cause I'm actually gay.

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Sorry but there is no character who is like me and will probably never be.

>Formely male
>Can get pregnant

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cube boys can get pregnant too, user

I hope you fucking die so you can get into a fantasy World and still suffer with 3 retard girls that wont even let you lose you virginity with a succubus.

To the left.

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Except I can't fly.

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