What was the best anime of the 2010’s?

What was the best anime of the 2010’s?

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Hyouge Mono

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SHIKI is pure KINO

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so much shit taste

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Hunter x Hunter or Shingeki no Kyojin

Madoka and Steins Gate are tied for AOTD for me

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Tokyo ghoul, if it didn’t have those mamoru miyano episodes.

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Fate/zero, Hunter x Hunter 2011, Ping Pong , 3-gatsu no lion, Stein's;Gate, Mob psycho 100

If I had to choose one that represents the decade best I would go with SG


You have to go back.

Still Oreimo.

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According to Yas Forums, Madoka Magica.


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Euphonium. As for film, Omoide no Marnie.

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I think "anime of the decade" and "best anime" are two different things.
"Best anime" is purely opinion, but for "anime of the decade", you also factor in things such as popularity, impact and other factors.
There should be no debate that Neon Genesis Evangelion is AotD for the 90s, but you can argue about what's actually the best anime of the 90s forever.

>hooks the viewer with one of the best first episodes ever
>literally fucking rumbled the whole world to the point that the normiest of normalfags watched it
>became one of the most iconic parts of pop culture
>almost singlehandedly made anime mainstream
>has one of the most high quality productions of any season of anime
>takes an eternity to release a season 2, still popular
>eventually proves just how meticulously planned out the plot is, to the point that people recognized it as a modern classic
>is fun as fuck to watch
Can any other 2010's show even compare?

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>no debate that Neon Genesis Evangelion is AotD for the 90s
The most stupid post I have read this week, congratulations.

>>has one of the most high quality productions of any season of anime

WIT studio is literal garbage

watching attack on titan without Sawano soundtrack is like watching Friends without laugh track

>became one of the most iconic parts of pop culture

people actually think aot is pop culture lmao, it's cringe japanese stuff to the huge majority of people, dragonball and Naruto are pop culture this shit never even aired on tv in most countries

>There should be no debate that Neon Genesis Evangelion is AotD for the 90s
Not Sailor Moon?
Not Slayers?

MIB > all.

Space Dandy

Neon Genesis scores high in both quality and impact. No other anime comes close.
Sailor Moon had a relatively popularity, not that great impact other than "ruining mahou shoujo", and the quality doesn't even come close. There may also be only certain categories of anime that are up for consideration, but that's less certain.
Cowboy Bebop scores high on quality, but is much less popular and had very small influence. It just is there.
I'd say it lacks quality, maybe especially depth, it's also way less popular than Evangelion.
Maybe if we consider iconic to the decade, Slayers may be worth considering as the most popular anime with the 90s artstyle (and the 90s voice actor?).
Didn't consider iconicness, but that may be another factor to consider.
I still think quality should be the biggest factor, but other factors should also be considered.

My paragraph about Sailor Moon was poorly written. It had a big impact, but not that big influence (however influence may not be that important, hard to know).
And it did have high popularity.

A bit besides the point, but I wonder if Sailor Moon could've had any impact on the development of the CGDCT genre. The reason so many men loved Sailor Moon was probably that CGDCT wasn't invented yet so they had to settle for the next best thing

>the fujo show

It also got the AMOTD of the 2010s.

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>Wit studio is literal garbage
unironically agreed, but you can't deny that at the very least what season 1 did with the source material is pretty damn impressive, considering they made one of the most high octane and bombastic anime ever out of literal fucking scribbles

>but not that big influence
Gave birth to and popularized the "group mahou shoujo" format that nearly every magical girl series has since.

91 Days

I did mention that, "ruined mahou shoujo", as some people argue. Or maybe it's more the fighting than the group aspect that people are unhappy with.

But uhm, I think the biggest problem with Sailor Moon is its lack of quality. It is an iconic 90s anime, and if it had perfect execution, maybe it could be the anime of the decade. But it really doesn't.