>Most compelling and original use of time travel thriller plot, still unmatched to this day.
>Still unmatched In terms of character writing/development
>Kino pacing/character driven first arc that filtered shounentards.
>Flawless and satisfying ending that was built up to and established early on.
>Actually funny comedic relief moments never executed at the wrong moment
>Praise worthy VA performances/character acting
>One of the most complex and nuanced main characters to ever be written, a brilliant deconstruction of the Chunni stereotype
>Thematically brilliant
>One of the most emotionally engaging narratives In the medium

Can we just appreciate how great Steins Gate is? AOTD? I think so, a true masterpiece that will never be forgotten.

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Who is the best girl and why is it Kurisu?

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here before the shitstorm begins

I turned myself into pickle goo, Kurisu! I'm pickle goo Rintaro!!!

That would be VEG.

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>Praise worthy VA performances/character acting
Agreed, you should check out the drama CDs if you haven't already btw. Heart wrenching stuff

It's alright but Evergarden is better.




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just play the vn the anime is boring

I want to rut against Kurisu's legs.

Based as usual


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Clap your hands to summon VEG schizo to this thread

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S;G is literally custom-made for the normalfags incapable of critical thinking to believe it's a masterpiece.
>Very good production values.
>Meme-ready humor designed to be mindlessly shouted out of context. I am mad scientisto, tuturu and other shit that is a guaranteed success with idiots.
>"Not set in high school" and gritty aesthetic that distracts retards from realizing it's a cliched as fuck otaku-pandering date-sim.
>Zero-dimensional wikipedia-description-of-an-anime-cliche “characters” that impress people who’ve never seen anime before.
>"le sci-fi" that only consists of a bunch of buzzwords and lets a normalfag pretend they are very smart for consuming such content. At the same time, completely devoid of any actual substance that will make retards' head hurt and scare them away.
>Soapy melodramatic bullshit that checks the "it has FEELS so it's a masterpiece" checkbox in the NPC's operating systems.

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He's already here
Please stop trying so hard to fit in contrarian zombie

>Please reply
Textbook definition of contrarian

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>Fags can't praise shit they like without saying deconstruction.

Pace was the main reason everyone thought it was shit at the start.
Not complex at all, just a mystery that kinda makes sense after a plot-twist.

Trap jokes were the only enjoyful things.

"I'm such a Nerd" - the anime

Stein's gate panders hard to the half-wit masses idea of being a nerd, giving it a pass. Okabe barely has any character beyond "HAHAHA Look at me I'm a giant attention whore but it's ok cause I'm QUIRKY xD" and what little is there is just "I need to save my retard waifu written" so sloppily it makes Maeda look like Hemingway. All the other characters are just JRPG /q/uest givers and have almost no relevance to the plot. Their cheap characterizations reflect that, having nothing to them outside of their tropes.

For a show that like to spew a lot about /sci/ence, it's not very logical. Everything only works conveniently to neatly fit what the plot demands, further complications are completely ignored. The ending is an asspull that wasn't built up at all and it's never explained why Okabe has the reading steiner despite that being the most important thing to making him work as a protagnoist. The romance is completely forced and feels like it only happened because he's the mc logic so of course the girl who has it all and should have a horde of guys prodding at her feet has to end up with him. Got to fulfill that fantasy.

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Whats your endgame? You do this everyday.

It's no different than other series that have daily threads.


Yikes, is this what passes for a copypasta nowadays? Why can't contrarian NPCs into critical analysis without mentioning "the fanbase" or " WHY le normalfags like it"?

I know this is supposed to be bait but I actually like this show quite a bit so yeah based keep it up user

>>Kino pacing/character driven first arc that filtered shounentards.
>Only to go full shounen later and light itself on fire with SECRET AGENCIES and NIGGER ASSASSINS
>>Still unmatched In terms of character writing/development
>When Okabe basically devolves into "muh Kurisu! Muh Mayuri! WAAAAAAAAAH! at the second half
yeesh. I can also say that OP is an anime-only secondary retard

Hello r*ddit

>Thriller equals shounen
Based retard

>Shounen is always two flaming faggots punching each other!
Its sad seeing how far Yas Forums has fallen

Look, I don't even aggree with op calling it a masterpiece but calling S;G a shounen in it's second half is pants on head retarded. Kill yourself