Boku no Hero Academia

Yeah, she's dead.

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i love mina

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sad :(

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But Endy cauterized her wounds.

Chapter translated

Me on the left

Fuck the main manga. Vigs has just updated and the chapter is actually not as bad.

Then leave.

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Literally nothing happened that chapter

Yeah but stuff happened in Vigs.

What stuff, it was just more Pop and Kiochi flashback shit

Talk Hot Shit Get Hit Hot dumb Thot

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you know character building stuff
training instead of asspulls.
stuff you don't see in bnha

Would you help him out?

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Cool, go read it then

I have.

Yes, anything for Deku

To bad you’d never work out. Her acidic vagina would melt your dick.

Yes, even if he didn't want me to

Female Deku spray painted pink.

But Mina has a dick, user.

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Mutie FemDeku

How will Endeavor repay her? With his dick

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>Yeah, she's dead
wrong, dipshit

Kek, Hori knows he can't kill the coomers' favorite rabbit so he's killing Present Mic instead

That is a subtle death flag for Endeavor. Not that he needed another

What does this have to do with the chapter?

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>he's killing Present Mic instead

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Stop trying to force this consolewar bullshit

how new are you?

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