Haven't seen this show. What's the deal...

Haven't seen this show. What's the deal? Weirdly dressed mahou shoujo shouting their attacks and long transformation scenes?

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She's the only straight girl in the show and getting stressed out because her team is fucking gay.


It's more of an idol mecha than a mahou shoujo. And it's fantastic. Each season escalates the stakes and power levels while carving out time for real character development. Great use of insert songs as a storytelling device.
Well worth your time even without the concurrent HYPE threads this franchise consistently draws.

Why do people always call it this just cause they sing when they fight? Only two of them are actual idols.

I guess it's the valence of miko motif that the protagonists share with idols. And the fact that the show is produced by King Records which has an interest in selling albums of the actors singing. And the big live events they do.

Most of that is just a byproduct of having a character voiced by Nana Mizuki in a show about singing.

>Weirdly dressed mahou shoujo shouting their attacks and long transformation scenes?
How is that different from regular mahou shoujo?

It's more than just her presence on the cast. The business model of the show is to build a whole cast of performers who do what she does.


The concerts and records are the whole point of the show, user. It's just a long commercial to sell you tickets

Aside from the Live concerts tied to the show, this is not true.

Because OP hasn't seen more than three anime.

Is there any mecha that is more idol?

>Live concerts

Yeah they may not be career idols but they functionally are when they're working with this franchise.


Yep. They are not anything like Nana when they are not working on SG and the series ended.

There's singing? Alright, I'm out.

they're singing as part of their fighting powers, don't be so quick to admit you choke on cock just yet

That's worse. Yeah, I'm definitely out.

That's mecha with an idol. And it's like thirty years old. Too old to be an idol.

Nobody on Yas Forums has a powerlevel or IQ high enough to enjoy Symphogear.

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>what is Macross Delta
Are you a turbo boomer?

But I loved it.

here's some high IQ pairing

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meh that's too much mecha

Incest is forbidden.


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There's AKB0048 then, it has very small amount of mecha.

nothing the Lord does is forbidden

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that webm with hibiki punching the train got me to watch symphogear
someone post it and save OP from being a faggot