My Hero Academia: Vigilantes

Chapter 76 is OUT!

Its a training montage before the final battle chapter!

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>guys who assaulted pop and koichi at the beginning are allies for the final battle

I love this shit

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>likes pop's ass
lizard dude has good taste

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>training takes place where his master used to train
the little things man

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where do I read 75

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Haven't kept up with this in ages. Has the MC met Deku yet

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bootleg deku

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It looks like the situation will mirror chapter 1 except this time Soga will corner Pop not to harass her but to save her and probably turn himself in (due to the method required to extract the bee being illegal) as to atone for back then too.

>it turns into potentially deadly bullets
holy shit koichi has way more power than I realized

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when is he just going to breed and marry her already and make the slide step quirk.

I mean it was kinda obvious when he could repel that if turned the bullets smaller, they'd be deadlier

final page

I'm getting excited. That is one determined boy

How do you think the series will end? Could it even continue after this?

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Can't he skin someone alive?

the series will end with a slide and step quirk baby.

>that last panel
bootleg deku

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>retard pointing loaded guns at people
Fucking hell this will never not anger me

Yeah, my uncle's friend almost killed himself some years ago.

He was always meant to mirror Deku, you dingus.

vigs threads are for actual discussion

Never,pop is for anal only.

Anyone know how Viz got "shooty go blam" out of KGD

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incompetency that's how

>a foking shooty go blam
>not even "blam"

You mean the superior deku