ITT: Overrated shit

ITT: Overrated shit.

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95% of highly rated stuff is overrated. Next thread.

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Gurren Lagann, not so good

>anime of the decade, they said

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pic unrelated

Yas Forums

Beck, if I wanted to watch shitty bands, I would go see Tool live.

You're Lie in April
3 Gatsu
Vinland Saga

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How new are you

Welcome to the NHK, if I wanted to watch a loser, I would stare at the mirror.

That's underrated

One Piece

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LoGH doesn't belong in this list.

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Cowboy Bebop? More like Cowgay Begay. Shitty music and plotless style-over-substance bullshit.


Koi Kaze, if I thought incest was wrong I would stop having sex with my little sister.

Liked by Mexicans.

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Legend of the Gay Lactating Homos

Darker than Black? More like Browner than SHIT

god that turned out so dissapointing, Pretty visuals at least

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Haibane Renmei, a boring show about angels fucking around. I liked it better when it was called Evangelion.

Its insufferable fanbase spout it as an impeccable creation, so I was confused when I found myself hysterically laughing at it in the same way I did at Clannad. LoGH is a comedy that I cannot take seriously.


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Neon Genesis Evangelion, makes about as much sense as a pedophile in a retirement home.

Code Geass, if I wanted to watch homosexuals pilot robots, I would watch Gundam Wing.

Kill la Kill is better

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Gundam 00, if I wanted shitty character designs I'd watch G Gundam.

Kimi no Wa

Kill la Kill? More like SHIT la SHIT

Azumanga Daioh, shitty ripoff of Lucky Star.


Shut up, faggot.

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