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does oda enjoy homestuck

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>it's been 4 chapters in a row that Carrot only appears in group shots with the Straw Hats
What did Oda mean by this?

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Who's who is the strongest not X Jobke.

>Vivi's first appearance to the end of Baroque Works Saga
>115 chapters
>Carrot's first appearance to now
>175 chapters

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Now do Kinemon

Do you like my new friends?

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Jinbefags can try to rationalize things as much as they want by pretending Oda ‘kinda forgot’ about his situation at the end of WCI and that the story is aimed at children (which is bullshit. There are plenty of examples of complex and smart writing throughout the manga, not to mention some pretty dark themes) but a reckoning is definitely coming.

There’s just no way he just happened to show up at this secret location at the exact time the attack was starting and with no injuries whatsoever to boot. Oda is not that retarded. And let’s not forget the whole welcome to the crew toast getting ominously delayed.
No, Jinbefags. It’s not gonna be that easy.

Orochi-chan for Nakama ^^~

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I love them!!!

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I want to have sex with carrot, nami and robin where we all cum together til we pass out


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>chapter where nothing happens


Whoever drew this chart, could you update it with drawings of the remaining Flying 6?

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My giantess wife, Black Maria.

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Based fellow conspiracy chad. We see through Oda's tricks. Jimbo had memories of Luffy and his revolt against BM wiped by Pudding. He's now completely loyal to BM.

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inb4 goofy mouth

Strongest to weakest:

El hermano
Who's who
Black Maria

how can anyone hate queen?

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>Page one
>Who's who

Maybe the most retarded names in the series. They might sound cool and exotic to japs though

Are those real horns? It looks they come straight from her head instead of just being decoration

Me too.

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i hate kid being there he is out of fucking place
we know shit about him and all of sudden he is put next to law in
i guess we will get more info about him further into wano but i dont like him there being next to luffy sitting with smug face and thinking he is equal to our rubber boy
kid to me is literal nobody

I forgot this nigga has to also formally introduce the Numbers before we can really get started. And Kaido's son. Oda's a madman.

>that the story is aimed at children (which is bullshit. There are plenty of examples of complex and smart writing throughout the manga, not to mention some pretty dark themes
I will never not be surprised by this kind of thought process
how is this supposed to prove the story is not aimed at children ? Children can understand dark themes and subtle messages, and it's very rare to find a good children book or movie that doesn't include something like that
One Piece is a manga for teens, it's a fact, not that it validates whatever Jimfags have been saying, because plotholes aren't allowed in children story under pretense that children won't notice them
stop trying to claim One Piece isn't for children, because it is, and there's nothing wrong with enjoying things even if they're not fully aimed at your age class

she has noodle fingers

I only agree with Who's who sounding weird. Page One sounds cool.

Page1 looked like such a retarded meathead during his introduction. Oh how times change

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didnt know smoothie eat carp-carp no mi zoan fruit

I mean, have you SEEN Caesar Clown?

322 chapters

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Urougechads rise up

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Where it's supposedly aimed at is all well and good, but it's not like children are the demographic that actually mainly consumes itt. So you've got the aim correct, but the end result is a different matter.

Oda gave the oni fruit to a woman

He knows you're a furfag and is ready to cash out on headcannons wanting the bunny to be a strawhat

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those are based off card games, moron. Just like Queen, King are based on cards

I kneel.

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Last time people theorized Jinbe’s fate, he just simply didn’t spin the wheel.

>Still no fan arts

Whatever happened with the spoiler saying that Kaido's son's girlfriend was in the Flying Six?

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Is there a site that tallies this kind of thing?

Can I get the number of panels ?

Why is everyone saying that the Kaido and Big Il alliance is stronger than the Luffy one ? They are all litterally who jobbers outside of Kaido, Big Mom and King/Queen

More like BLACKED Maria lol

>X Jobke
How is he a jobber? His only onscreen loss so far was against Kizaru and that was fucking Kizaru


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Now that I think about he did a good job of gradually introducing everyone that will take part in the war. Compared to how many people will take part in it the amount of people we still don't know is really small. We know all the BM pirates, everyone important in the alliance, all the supernovas, commanders and captains. We just now got Tobi Roppo of which 2 we alreade knew and all we have left are 9 numbers (one for each scabbard?) and son who we don't know if he will be fighting.

I already see how Luffy will attack Kaido
>panel of Kaido and Big Mom talking about their plans while eating at the table
>some guy that is eating at the same table in the back interrupts them and says something like "Your plans will not work/ I'm gonna be the pirate king"
>they turn around and notice it's Luffy
>battle starts


Completely wrong. All of the Tobi Roppo are around Sanji level, Drake took no damage from Sanji and damaged Sanji. Say what you will about Sanji, but he's one of the stronger members of the alliance. Numbers are also going to be incredibly strong. BM's commanders are no joke either.

Seeing Nami and the boys beast pirate costumes make me realize BP must have orgies everyday. Unlike Shanks Kaido isn't a fag.

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...and Smoothie, and Snack, and Tobi Roppo, and Numbers


dare i say, FUNKY

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living FUNK

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Kaido has an authority problem
Ulti shit talk about her superiors

>Orangekisses hides all her early art behind Patreon

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I got this one

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if you think about it, carrot is a strawhat

Ulti shit talks everyone not called Page1

I hope Kid kills the traitor


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no, she's a rabbit


There's only really 2 of Page One so far.

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He's not worthy of Kid's time.

An alliance with a combined bounty of over 8 billion JUST counting the 2 Yonkou (over 10 billion if counting commanders) is by miles and miles the highest we've ever had to deal with. Sengoku literally called it the formation of the strongest pirate crew ever.

Are queen and apoo shitposters FUNKY or unFUNKY

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> (You)
>Ulti shit talks everyone not called Page1

How would big mom react to being called an old fat hag?

that was fake

I'm going to make clean images of each panels they're in for high quality FUNKYposting

What card game Uruti is?

Big Mom got pissed when Katakuri stepped in between her fighting Luffy.
She doesn't take disrespect lightly.

I hate to be that guy, but this really was a nothing happened, the chapter. Oda is dragging this too much. The entire chapter could've been done in 5-6 pages, and to add salt to the wound there's a break next week.

No wonder OP sales are declining.

Not that I know of

I just checked on wiki the chapters and substracted