It wasn't really possible for Light to lose

It wasn't really possible for Light to lose

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And yet he managed to do it.
Truly a genius.

He was

A. advantaged in every way
B. naturally just as smart as L and Nier
C. evolved to become super careful through his battle with L

>I need to see your ID
This was the single most retarded moment in Death Note.

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Thats the point. He hinged everything on way too big of a variable (Mikami and a real fake real notebook) when he had about 15 different ways of killing Nier

All of his mistakes were made at the beginning (killing Lind, killing Raye/FBI agents for no reason, responding to L at all). It was an asspull for the author to make him act like a retard at the end even though he was smarter than ever

He's narcissistic egomaniac you retard.
Normal people will either use the note for personal gain or just keep it as insurance.

Light lost way fucking early on, he seriously could have just ignored one simple thing to throw literally ever fucking person off his trail when L provoked him, or simply just waited a few hours

L had no way to defend himself. His loss wasn't because of tactics, it was strategy. He shouldn't have put himself so close to the situation, that was an aggressive and reckless move. I believe he did it to accelerate things, and hopefully save lives. But if he stayed hidden and retained his anonymity he might have succeeded.

The writers admitted they had to make the chick retarded for that moment or else she would’ve caught him in a few chapters iirc

Yes it was, do you have any idea how fast FBI would be able to pinpoint where he lives by seeing patterns in the random heart attacks?

Unless youre Light


How do we write this to make it better?

Remove her character entirely.

He can't make any drastic move since Near put heavy suspicion on him.
If you look the end scenario with the puppets, Near put all the Japna task force members facing Light just to watch his every move.

Daily reminder

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I don’t remember so you’ll have to be satisfied with my beautiful buttocks as source.

Nier won because the author shifted the power of plotwank to his side. That's all there was to it.

Death Note was only good for the chip eating scene.

legit question what would be Light's line of though if Misora went running the moment he said this?

Id have Light freak out once she starts putting pressure on him after becoming suspicious of him. She doesnt stop probing Light until he thinks theres no way out unless he makes the eye deal but his pride stops him and Light instead kills her without using the Death Note.

Anyone who suggests this is a fucking idiot who doesn't understand what Light's goal was.

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>Makishima on the right

Based crispy carbohydrate connoisseur

take the eyes

>killing Lind, killing Raye/FBI agents for no reason, responding to L at all
Those were his best moves.

truly magnificent bait

>*looks up your evil plan on Yas Forums*

its bad bait since nobody at all on Yas Forums has ever defended that pretentious retard

haha why is he so small compared to her
what a manlet haha

She’s on a ladder you dumbass.

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>Kanto region
>Has access to police records since he knew about the agents sent to Japan

Why didn't L act sooner if he knew so much so early on?

>Light cant lose any longer
Thats just bad.

Remember the importance of potato chips.