Tower of God anime

episode 4 is out!!!
Koon isnt gay but a siscon

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looks gay like sasuke

>tower of gook

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>SIU wrote that she was the most beautiful woman of the Season 1 Regulars.
How can other girls even compete?

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Does gator do anything more interesting soon? So far he's yelled a lot, impotently thrust a spear once, and eaten a lot of chocolate bars. Oh and kicked open a door.

Green loli so is an Anime

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Tower of Kino
Kino no Tou

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juciest ass in tower?

I bet his dick is huge.

Gook means yellow. Guess where that puts you, Jap?

They are skipping a lot of his scenes from the webtoon but you're going to find out why he is holding a spear in the next test soon

Yeah, but he’s already comparing Bam’s eyes to the sister he used to schedule regular dick appointments with. Kinda gay imo.

Daily reminder Phantaminum is a weak jobber who cant defeat Naruto

Gook means Korean, you stupid gook.

>he’s already comparing Bam’s eyes to the sister
Speedwatcher, he compared Bam's eyes to his own, because he sees Bam as a fellow simp, helplessly in love with a girl. He sees himself in Bam, not his sister.

Good. So far he's been a fine comic relief character, I was just hoping he got to be more than that.

Maria was never fucked otherwise she wouldnt be a princess.

left or right?

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rigth all the life
Androssi is the best girl ever

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I love this shot idfk why

>Getting involved with princesses

>How can other girls even compete?
They literally can't. Hwaryun is just the best and the prettiest.
She's so damn pretty she makes other girls seethe just by existing.

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>Gook, Gook-eye, Gooky
Far Easterners, used especially for enemy soldiers.[153] Its use has been traced to U.S. Marines serving in the Philippines in the early 20th century.[153][154] The earliest recorded example is dated 1920.[155] It gained widespread notice as a result of the Korean and Vietnam wars.[153]

Japs were gooks you bigot.

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Mascheny, look at the season 2 prologue those hips don't lie.


>"Greentexting automatically makes me based and correct"
Post 9/11 children are all mistakes.

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Wasn't lizard disqualified the second she wasn't sitting on the throne anymore? Seemed like a lot of ignoring the rules for plot happening this episode

I wish I could check it ha ha

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She can be anywhere on the thrown.
She was disqualified the moment her feet touch anything other than the thrown

Tower of God is far superior than the likes of fucking black clover and my hero academia, in both source material AND its anime. Freshest shonen storytelling since HxH (considering that's the usual comparison) yet, because the source material doesn't originate in Japan, it instantly gets dismissed by prejudiced losers.

Compare Tower of god to every single isekai and shitshonen released since 2014 and I can't find anything that outperforms it. Amazing unpredictable story, unique power system and there are a crap ton of characters, alliances, rivals, villains. All of them can be at the same location in a massive dispute, or they can be separated doing their own goals and will re-unite eventually. It's like HxH where characters come back after a long time of disappearance. There are villains and characters that you will genuinely love.

Watch Tower of God.

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Left. I'm not an androssicuck fag.

>a crap ton of charaters.
This has proven to be way more of a problem than a good thing for tog considering the only characters people care about is the season 1 cast
>That "gook" comes from the Korean word "국" (guk), meaning "country",[9] "한국" (hanguk), meaning "Korea", or "미국" (miguk), meaning "America".[10] For example, U.S. soldiers might have heard locals saying miguk, referring to Americans, and misinterpreted this as "Me gook."[11] "Mỹ Quốc"[12] is an archaism in Vietnamese that died out due to a language shift, starting from just before the Indochina Wars and culminating with the end of that period often referred to as the Vietnam War, which has the same root and similar pronunciation to Korean "미국" (miguk) both stemming from Chinese characters "美國"(Měiguó in Mandarin, also meaning "America").

What the hell is FUG's problem? They don't feel like an organization at all, more like a bunch of random warlords and small factions who all would rather fight among each other than against Zahard. Slayers fight against Slayers, Slayers fight against Elders, Elders don't even control anything, some people want to use Baam, some people want to kill Baam, what the fuck is wrong with them.

How they expect me to believe they could fight wearing those?

>the only characters people care about is the season 1 cast
I care about Wagnan and Hockney.