Berserk Chapter 360 discussion thread

This was a shit chapter, Guts was only in two pages and Serpico in one panel. fucking Miura and his loli fetish

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fucking oreo chapter
>uh let's see how Caska is dealing with this shit
>uh let's how Guts is dealing with this shit
>to be continued

Miura doesn't know how to draw anymore

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To restate this from the last thread - it's the release schedule.

There's nothing wrong with the pacing in itself, or the content of this chapter, but holy shit nobody waited 8 months thinking "I sure hope they spend the next chapter exploring the loli magic system."

This is going to end in the next 3 chapters isn't it?

They'd let us know if that was the case, right?

>nothing fucking happens: the chapter
god seriously fuck miura, hurry up and finish duranki so your slave assistants can finish this fucking manga for you


to be fair we did get to see how Guts was dealing with it, he was swingin his sword.

That's why most of the old readers have lost interest in the series. They've been reading every new chapter with the mindset of "I waited 8 months for this, and I'm probably gonna have to wait just as long for the next chapter" so it's tough for them to judge it fairly.
Excluding autists, newer readers seem to be enjoying these chapters.

>my favourite characters have to be in every single panel!!!! And they have to be constantly doing things!!!!!!
Fuck off adhd tard

at this point, seeing guts at all feels like fan service. no one likes seeing schierke or farnese because they're always doing boring shit no one cares about. would you really rather see them discussing magic than guts and serpico killing shit?

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Miura fulfilled this year's quota. See you guys next April.

Yeah, Honestly I feel jealous of the far-distant future people who will get to read Berserk from beginning to end(?) with no endless waiting between chapters.

The ride never ends my fren

Is Guts ever going to face the other top apostles? Him vs. Locus would be based.

Dropped this shit back in 2017 just before Casca went on her dream journey. Glad I did. Nothing happens for 3 goddam years.

I liked this chapter a lot,given the overall peaceful nature of Elfhelm it's only natural Guts wont have much to do there, but it's given us plenty of cool character moments like the journey into Casca's mind. Shrek and Farny have been the main characters in Fantasia and it's good to see their characters advancing and like with Farnese accepting magic and realizing she's actually pretty gifted.
>That panel where Casca tugs on her sleeve while having a nightmare

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I think the only way we get Miura to finish Berserk is to hold the Idolmaster brand hostage and threaten him with no Berserk, No Idolmaster

Is this the first time we see Skeleton king from when the world tree exploded?

Dreamscape was great. Best part of Fantasia apart from Rickert the Godhand

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This chapter was fine, Farnese and Schierke are easily worthy of development, without which you shit heads would rightly cry foul when they hold their own later on. Also lets us get a tiny bit more familiar with the island mages, who are obviously going to get fucked over soon.

With that, not gonna bother any more with this trash thread. See you crybaby fuckers in the storytime later, perhaps there we can actually discuss Berserk instead of your endless faggoty complaints about lolis and not enough grimdark and pain

Does anyone else unironically want a perspective shift to Rickert? Of course, next chapter should just be Guts and SK talking, but I want to catch up on Ricky's journey soon.

>guts and serpico killing shit
They're on a peaceful island that's integral to the plot, who are they supposed to be killing?
>they're always doing boring shit no one cares about
Again, if you haven't read this chapter you can see that they're about learn new magic that will cure casca to PROGRESS THE PLOT

He popped up at the ned of the last chapter, but other than that, yes.

Yeah, Rickert's chapters are honestly much more fun than Elf Island and Griffith's tax policies.

I've been fiending for a Rickert chapter for eons.

I do too. I want to see what exotic prototype weaponry Rickert has invented with the backing of an assassin clan.

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It looks fine

Miura has written himself into a corner. Ricket going to Not!Arabia has no goal in mind and could even be its own story arc. Ricket himself has no reason to go back to Falconia to fight Griffith. Guts is sidelined until this magic island escapade is over. Falconia itself has nothing interesting going on in it. Miura's kinda hit a standstill.

The chapter felt like something out of One Piece. There are too many fucking comedic sidekicks to the point where it feels like they're tripping over one another to make funny reactions every time something happens. None of these witches or elves are notable. Character's who previously had gravitas and a role to play (Serpico, Azan, hell even Puck) have now been reduced to little more than background props. I know "Berserk feels generic shonen now" isn't exactly new criticism but it's been so long that I forgot how bad it's gotten.

>summon demons
>get everyone raped to death
T-thanks Schiercke...

I think they're gonna leave that to a few chapters later, we've just gotten new Griffith scenes that had big reveals. If anything they're gonna show Rickert after the time skip happens in Elfhelm if Miura still remembers that plot point

Next chapter demons are summoned to Elfhelm
The chapter after that they fight
In the last chapter Caska forgives Griffith and they all live happily ever after