New chainsaw man

Quanxi for best character?

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>First devil hunter
Does it mean she is a literal homosapien? Why doesn't her face have any of their defining features?

I can't get over how octoboy has the hentai mc hair

Spike devilman ?

bow or arrow

quanxi is in devil mode wtf lol

Quanxi can use super strength and super speed without transforming, so I wonder if all hybrids are potentially able to do that or she is a unique case since she is so old

>Does it mean she is a literal homosapien?
For sure she is a homo.

She is a homo-knows

I miss Claymore.
I wish we would get another series with Claire daughter moving to continent in revenge after organisation killed Claire and Raki plot going and most beings on the island.
And she would met an original dragon girl to fight the world with.

How many puppets could there possibly be?

But how old, exactly? She looks like 25 at most.

japs are fast

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But Claire was already dead long before the end of the series. Then Teresa revived from her corpse and pretended to be her.

Pointy objects devil.

>are you stupid?
I’m guessing this means octopus is a college student, not a high schooler?

I suppose she is first hybrid humanity created as experiment at the beginning of cold war while she still was in Makima group before joining China for cute devil girls emancipation promise.
I expect her being similiar age to Kishibe who was her teammate but thanks to being hybrid she didn't age a day.

I want to cure quan xi from her lesbianism

I just started messing around with animation stuff this week and made this. It's not exactly great but perhaps in the future I'll be able to make something better.

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>quanxi is in devil mode wtf lol
I mean her normal face. It looks nothing like that of a caveman, while as the first devil hunter, she should be the first one who took down the mammoth devil in the Ice Age.

it's a start

Yeah,aube denji is gonna be getting some boosts even in passive form

I wouldn't mind getting Quanxi spin-off where she travels the world to find cute devil girls to join her harem.

I want to cure you from existing.

Nice bait

That's a chink

It's exactly because Kishibe is offering him a cig to a high schooler.

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>the same age as Kishibe
So when are they going to accept their abandoned son, Denji?

How will Denji handle Power's death?

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He's talking about the drawing, not the character.

Devils should have appeared since prehistoric times, no? I mean as soon as men started to develop enough intelligence to conceptualize their fears. And even if she is a man-made hybrid, kingdoms and empires since ancient times should have conducted experiments on this sort of things from times to times. Anyway, she should be as old as human civilization itself.

He'll laugh.
He was actually hoping she was dead because it'd be funny to him

Both are hayai chinks, the character and the artist.

Where's Aldo