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How is corona affecting the anime? Will we get the szn this fall or delayed? Any studio news? Been out of the loop for a while

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The anime is not coming out.

Coronavirus is the real titan

who cares?

*spritz spritz*

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2022 probably

Neverland was delayed, SnK S4 will probably be too.
I wonder who they're going to advertise next season. They can't exactly show post-timeskip Eren or post-timeskip SL designs.


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>They can't exactly show post-timeskip Eren or post-timeskip SL designs
The new SL uniforms were the teaser.

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Keep your distance please

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Sex with Annie

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Sauna with Eren and Annie

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You are a man of culture

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Probably like how they did in that teaser, a hint of his new design. Though I wonder how they'll actually do merch and tie-ins for S4 considering Eren's character. They are always so cheesy.

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I'm a fujostacy and this looks cringe even for me

I can't see something like pic related with post-timeskip Eren.
Maybe they can continue milking Erwin and Manlet and since Hange is popular maybe they'll make more merch with her.

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Same. I don't want to see hobo Eren chomping on some chocolate with Lebi

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Drawing Eren like a ten year old giving puppy eyes to a frog faced manlet is like 90% of all merch and promotional material.

Meanwhile the MCs: Reiner, Falco and Gabo will get next to nothing

Man this is a little disgusting

You mean to tell me that the ocean scene was actually about a depressed young man growing apart from his closest friends after finding out about the horrible truth of their existence and the hard decisions he is going to have to make to save his people, rather than about a 15 year old suggesting oral sex to his 30 year old commanding officer?

>Their only interaction in S4 will be manlet kicking Eren and manlet acting like a protective dad when they meet Yelena
It's going to be hard to market LE

Well Erwin is dead so they got back to LE

It's not like they interact that much during the rest of the series.

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I can't believe Reiner is...

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That an the art and composition is really bad, its like they are renders put together on the beach as a background
That's another thing they barely even interact. I could understand shits like pic related who actually were fun on the screen

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Reiner is kind of a slut

There's still a lot of complaints like how Levi and Eren don't ever talk anymore, they did used to at least do that. But we can't know anything about Eren so we get no interactions with anyone unless he's yelling at them and then he leaves.

Uprising still had some scenes (Manlet handling the handkerchief to Eren for example) which the fujos liked.
I'd say LE died in the FT arc, I don't even understand its appeal desu.


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Best Girls

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Mikasa's feet smell like putrid shit.

Wow Reiner is such a slut

No shit user...

You are acting as if that were a bad thing

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Why do Marley Eldians have such huge noses?

My love for Annie will never stop!

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Annie is so perfect, I can suck on her nose and masturbate to her naked body all night long.

>I don't even understand its appeal desu.
Fujos are in it for the porn, not for the story or character interactions. It's easier for talented artists to just latch on to popular pairings to get money even if they know nothing about the characters than it is to actually care about relationships.

I wonder if Levi could have actually got some sort of information out of Eren. Eren at least respects him more than everyone else in the SL lately. But he had to go be in the forest with the monki. He would have been a better choice to send than Hanji at least.

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Stop sexualising the Annie

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we know, mikasa.

That's impossible, Annie is pure sex.

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Did you forget how condescending Eren was of manlet during the blimp scene?

True, he did call him a retard who can't read


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He was the number one target of the Yeagerists, Eren doesn't care that much about Manlet.
Notice how Floch's subordinates still referred to Hange as the commander yet they wanted to kill Levi.