Kimetsu no Yaiba chapter 203

New chapter's out.

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Muzan is absolutely shit at negotiating and convincing, you can do so much better than that.

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check the catalogue first idoit.

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Is Chapter 205 the end?

Wow, so much for Muzan's 'becoming touched' post death. Dude's still a dick.

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What a pathetic existence Muzan was.

welp he's back

wew I was worried there for a second that he was going to pull a 'lets go back together, vampir hitler'

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So what now? Demons are done, muzan dead, all conflict resolved.

Is his left arm disappearing?

If editor-kun has any shred of integrity, Kimetsu dies in the next few chapters.
Otherwise, get ready for Joseph Kamado III in Demon Slayer: Battle Tendency.
It's like a mirror of the story, die in dignity or live on as an abomination.

That's all folks. Looks like the end for this manga draws near. What do you think? Feeling satisfied? Disappointed?

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I actually want my Kimetsu no jojo.

Seems like he's left with a blind eye and a mutated arm.

Yeah that’s what’s known as a “conclusion” to a “narrative”

Muzan's fight was a clusterfuck, but at least it came to a satisfying conclusion and it's better than letting it drag on

Kanao's tummy is cute

Muzan was used to going after vulnerable and emotionally unstable people in the past

I feel like this isn't how Crocs originally wanted things to wrap up, even if the end state doesn't change. But I guess I'll take it, lord knows it could have gone much worse.

manga went from a 8/10 to a 5/10 in this final fight

Yeah, same here. If he was female, they definitely would have

g-giyuu are you okay?

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Tanjiros blind in the opposite eye of his wife, and is mutated in the opposite arm of his mentors missing arm. Pottery?

>O MY MEDICINE and talk no jutsu ending


This ending is kinda bullshit if you ask me. There was a promising possibility of a "second season" where Muzanjiro would run away, make new vampire servants and look for that one flower while battling with Tangerine for the control of their body. New expanded plot, new/old characters, but instead we got this.

>Tanjirou didn't die
Honestly thought he would and am fairly dissapointed

Kanao is only supposed to be blind in one eye right?

It's cool that Wani has enough integrity to end this manga on their own terms, but he easily could've taken it in an interesting direction by having Tang stay a demon. Would've made a shitton of cash too. Oh well

I wonder if Muzan will re-emerge some way. Just seeing Tanjirou float away from Muzan doesn’t feel conclusive enough. Like his presence hasn’t completely been killed inside Tanjirou.

Tanjiro would have gone to hell if that was the case.

based jump editor

Final arc was kinda shit compared to the previous fights, but I'm glad the authors aren't milking this. Make a sequel or spin-off series with different characters, but let the original have it's run and tell it's story.