Can a person really survive on nothing but potatoes?

Can a person really survive on nothing but potatoes?

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Only if you boil em, mash em and stick em in a stew.

sleep tight potatoes, get lots of rest

Potatoes are bad for you

Give em to me raw, and wrrrrriggling.

Potatoes and especially sweet potatoes are very nutritious.

That's how they do in Latvia.

They're still bad for you.

Yes, potatoes are surprisingly nutricious!

Pretending to be stupid is just as bad as actually being stupid

Prove that potatoes are good for you. You can't.

You first.

the martian guy did it

You can live on just butter and potatoes.

For quite some time. The biggest issue is the lack of vitamin B12.

First what? I already stated that potatoes are bad for you. You can't prove a fact.

are you one of those keto cult followers

Yeah. The inhabitants of Okinawa used to be the longest living population on Earth back when they followed their traditional diet that consisted mostly of sweet potatoes.

No, you need egg as well.

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>You can't prove a fact.
can't argue with that

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He probably eats the whole plant.

Only if you trade your soul with the devil, because you can't.

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new shimsim when

3-4 days

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If you don't cover them completely in water, you should put the lid on, otherwise the steam will be inefficient.

I bet he only ate green fruit and is mad because that.

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So, am I retarded or was the robot scene an anime original?

which robot?

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The combat variety

Can I eat these potatoes?

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whoops wrong one

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We also eat štovēti kāposti and cūkgaļas kotletes, though

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