Yas Forums confessions

I never watched the Monogatari series.
Never will.

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I never watched FMAB and never will. Dubfags are to thank with that.

I don't watch shows that have cancer fanbases

I watched some of it. But dropped it after a few eps because I know boring coombait when I see it. The dialogue are just these pointless conversations. And then they use tiddies and sex appeal to distract you from how mundane their conversation topics actually are.

I exclusively stream anime

I never watched anime before

there is literally nothing wrong with that. monogatari is 98% fanservice and it takes forever for the boring-ass plot to go anywhere but people like to pretend it's good because it's well animated.

I never really wanted to help Yas Forums make its dumb anime this year


The oldest anime I've seen is Lucky Star

The more people I see obsess over a show, the more I mentally decide to stay away from it.

i dont think japanese voice acting is any better than english, both are extremely cringe because of the dialogue but at least i can't understand jap, making is less cringy

i incorporate anime references into my daily life, every single day. i do it in an obscure fashion, so that only those who have watched anime know exactly what I'm doing. people are normally a bit weirded out, but are otherwise completely chill with it, except for ironic weebs and cancerous retards who post on reddit and Yas Forums. whenever i encounter them (they're always the quiet ones who don't talk much in a group or if they do talk they use obnoxious fucking buzzwords and use memes as their lingo when they're like 20-25 years old), i specifically try and do some of the most chuuni shit to piss them off and make them cringe. it makes me feel so damn powerful to see them wince and scrounge their eyes a bit when i say something like "lol i bet he doesn't even get in the robot" when they want to correct me on some trivial shit that no one cares about, or "i'm hopping onto the wired real quick brb" when i switch my phone on after announcing i'm going to check facebook updates. i don't even have a facebook account.

I think the Bleach dub is superior.

I really like discussing about Naruto/Boruto and scroll the board for Naruto threads all the time.

What do you mean by this?

I fucking LOVE isekai and hope more gets adapted.

I think HxH is the peak of its genre but I'll still shitpost on Yas Forums to trigger hunterfags

>"i'm hopping onto the wired real quick brb"
Ew. Your cellphone is wireless.

I think Eureka Seven is the perfection of the Gundam formula

I don't watch anime anymore, only still come here because old habits

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I've never watched Boku no Pico, but I may with a little persuasion.

I've read the F/SN VN a stupid amount of times and I think the UBW anime is better than in the VN.

I don't like English VAs but I agree that Japanese VAs are put on a pedestal it's ridiculous. They don't always deliver a perfect performance. Also sometimes seiyuu are chosen based on their popularity and not because they fit a character.

The only anime that my normie friends watch are BNHA and Fate shit. And they discuss it all day. It's driving me mad.
PS. They used to watch Attack on Titan as well but dropped it after the basement reveal because they thought the show was promoting Nazist and pro-war ideologies. *Face palm*

I hard dropped Durarara after three episodes because it was insanely boring and seemed poorly written.

me too. Fuck that's the only way I tolerate anime these days. I never learned Japanese and I love to watch anime while doing other stuff, drawing, scrolling my phone. English is the way to go for me.

I couldn't get past the first episode of Madoka and I hated code geass, had to leave Yas Forums for a while.

>mha viewers are soft faggots
who'd have thought

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I have a qt girlfriend

It's really hars for me to get into a series desu. Even though I've been watching and reading anime and manga for a bit over 10 years now, I still have barely 100 or so series finished. Not living under a rock or whatever, I follow and know all the shit that comes out, I just never bother to watch 95% of it.

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I haven't watched Princess Mononoke yet.
Dumb sports anime is one of my favorite genres.