Kimetsu no Yaiba

What is the best sword design in the series?

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But fr, I like Kanao and Tanjirou's (original) hilt whatever-they're-called and Rengoku/Zenitsu's blades.

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Personally I like Muichiros blade

I'll miss 'em once this ends

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203 (this chapter) will be out (officially) 27 April
204 will be out (officially) 11 may

Nezuko a cute

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she is!

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we did it Kanaobros.

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>Tanjirou married Aoi

We still haven't had a resolution on the blue spider lily. I really wonder if it's being held back as a hook for a sequel.

Sequel with Yushiro and Chachamaru searching for the Blue Spider Lily? Maybe?

So in the end, what was the Kimetsu no Yaiba?

he will have a harem like uzui

the friends we made along the way

Kimetsu no Yaiba AO

The (dead) friends we made along the way.

It was pretty. Can't say I liked much else, though, except Tanjiro's fucked up eye and arm to show that there were at least some consequences. If this chapter came after a longer fight against Muzanjiro where he gained sentience with a new warped personality because of Muzan's will, that would make this chapter feel more earned.

>no blush
>just pure concern

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Giyuu what's wrong? Tanjirou's alive, you should be happy right now, why are you sad?

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>what was the Kimetsu no Yaiba?
>fuck siblings
>fuck kids
>fuck limbs
>fuck eye
>fuck Giyuu

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So the final chapter is 204 or 205?

I just wanted her to survive. This is already enough

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>leddit tier ending

Who the fuck is Machi Kuro?

I missed the latest spoiler. Did titty gurl die?

>the Gary Stu survived


Rest in peace sweet princess...


Could drop the pretense with making these threads?

Ah, one of these word that lost meaning due to Yas Forumstards on Yas Forums

we'll find out next week kek
but i think it will be 205 but not sure, next week kimetsu gets lead colour page so it'll be confirmed for sure

Which character has the prettiest eyes in this manga?

>all hail exodia


shinobu and her cute son

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