Why did he willingly go back to jail?

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Because he could.

Why did his seal change from crucifixes to him sitting in a chair?

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he became tsundere at the end towards Soul Society

The chair is Mayuri's creation, it keeps his Reiatsu held close to him so he can't do shit like, say, tearing down the Royal Palace from the sky. He's constantly evolving so there's several layers of sealing kidou on him at all time.

Comfy chair

>knew about Ywach
>but never got strong enough to defeat him

>what is Aizen's entire motivation

Did you have a bowl of stupid for breakfast?

>motivation is to become the stronkest being, or to find another stronkest being to continue to evolve
>whoops I can't even fight Ichigo, squad 0 or Ywach guess I will stop here

Did he though? I have not read CFYOW since i'm waiting for its official release. But as far as the Central 46 goes, they hated Aizen's guts by the end of the Arrancar Arc. Gave him 20.000 years of prison just for making a joke. Then during trial one of the members mention him being Immortal.

So i guess by the time Aizen comes out he will be the only one alive i guess, or maybe he's just getting stronger while remaining sealed

I seem to recall Yhwach took him out, so someone probably just collected him before he could revive.

>Aizen after the timeskip was even stronger than before, despite being sealed in Muken all that time

I take it you poured extra dumbass milk into that bowl of stupid...

>implying Aizen had no idea that squad 0 or Ywach exist and certainly are stronger than him

Kubo told him to.

>squad zero not being absolute jobbers
>Yhwach didn't even try to kill Aizen
Apparently you didn't stop after your first bowl of stupid.

>implying Aizen could do shit to squad 0
>implying Ywach couldn't oneshot Aizen when he casually got out of his shikai

I got the impression he didn’t care if someone was above him as long as he knew who it was and knew they actually had the power to be above him, disliking the soul king because it was just a figure head.

>implying Squad zero could do anything to Aizen
>implying Yhwach didn't get trolled by KS just by looking at Aizen

Retard flakes, part of a balanced breakfast

He could have put an illusion on everyone and merely pretended to go back on the chair.

Aizen wanted to be the one to stand alone in Heaven; if he didn't care then he would have sided with Yhwach, instead he turned him down because he refused to be subjugated.

>Ichibei turns Aizen into an ant
>Ywach continuously cancels Aizen's shikai
Wow so hard

It's not like he wanted the throne by himself just out of power hungery, he just didn't want a dead king reigning supreme with old ways never changing. Shit was always going down and souls society kept it's inability to resolve shit.

Aizen reiatsu cancels ichbei ability. Aizen solos all the sternrighters. He is immortal and already had ywach under ks

>Aizen counters Ichibei because lol reiatsu
>Yhwach canonically beaten by KS twice

Almost time for lunch, shit for brains.

>It's not like he wanted the throne by himself
That is quite literally what he wanted.

Kek Aizen couldn't even beat notThor
>Ywach hax works on everything!
>except when I decide it doesn't despite it did in canon
As expected from a retard

Nice headcanon

>Aizen couldn't even beat notThor
Nice headcanon

>except when I decide it doesn't
He used it on him when they fought in Soul Society AND in Muken, speedreader. Get fucked.

>>Aizen counters Ichibei because lol reiatsu
no he doesn't?

Kek he still got out and almost oneshot Aizen had Ichigo not killed him first. The fact that he could get out means he could continue to do so, and in the meantime Aizen could do jackshit to kill him.

but he likes the chair

10/10 argument, user

>backpedaling this hard after spewing literal headcanon
Last reply, its been fun but I'm losing brain cells trying to reason with your dumb ass

Kiss already