I'm sorry.

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What's the issue?

Big if true

>kaguya blushing while poking the cheeks of another MALE

What do you think, you son of a bitch. SHE'S A WHORE

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>Men and women can't have platonic relationships
Go read kid's manga, underage. This is for seinenchads.

Tower of God is better

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They literally cannot.
Platonic is an absolute meme to dissuade jealousy.
But the truth of the matter is, if they ever get alone on a night and/or get drunk.
They will FUCK. That's how people work.

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For the last time, Hayasaka will not NTR Prez from you.

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>i know it for a fact
so this basically means she did make sexual advances with Ishigami. Or she plans to.

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Dumb bakaguya. Hayasaka is going to be raising Prez's children regardless, so it's only fair that she has a few of her own.

>he doesn't know
Hayasaka is no longer Kaguya's servant, she will not have to raise Prez's children, and she definitely won't have any of her own.

It's only a matter of time

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this nigga

>Liking gookshit
Please leave

It's okay, Рrez already NTR'd her back.

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Threesome doujins when?

>In the Top 10
That’s actually very good and absoltuely impressive for a first time manhwa adaptation

They can, if they have had sex beforehand.

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Why is Shirogane such a cuck?
People will defend this and say it's platonic

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Unless their relationship improved a lot in the manga, Ishigami must be shitting his pants there



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I fucking hate this NTR shit it ruined my favorite manga Soma now it's ruining this one.

fucking kek

They are in a full-blown senpai/kouhai relationship rn.

That "art" LMAO
Ugly as shit

>doesn't want to be seen together for fear that it's immoral
She wants a taste at the very least

It looked like it had promise for a bit but then turned into generic schlock with below-average execution.

Didn't Kaguya literally imply this like 4 chapters ago with Hayasaka and Prez?


Will Aka subvert our expectations like Negi and have Kaguya and Prez falling for Ishigami and Hayasaka respectively?

You got a problem bud

>cover for vol.18 is Prez x Miko to fuel the NTRkeks more

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It gets really good later on.

>But the truth of the matter is, if they ever get alone on a night and/or get drunk. They will FUCK. That's how people work.
Saying all this while posting aqua

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I didn't know so many Kaguya readers were Muslim

That’s Aqua poster for you

But she considered him a pleb too low for her. Or it's that part of the charm? Like a princess that wants to fuck the stableboy?

>hides because she doesn't want to be seen as a woman of loose morals
It means that she already loosened it even if she doesn't want to admit it.

Shut the fuck up Italian faggot.
Also Endorshit is worst girl

What can you expect? It's sub-Japanese, created by the fall of the Japanese Empire in Korea.

Yes. After saying her relationship with Prez is just platonic.

That show is the shittiest konosuba ripoff of with lolis ive ever seen. Fucking unwatchable

Have a rare Shirogane.

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What did Negi do anyway?

>PriCunny that high
Based chinks

It's Yas Forums in general, at first I thought that they were being ironic but they took the "they held hands she's defiled forever" joke a bit too far