New episode today before postponement.

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Of course it must happen to the only show I'm watching this season.

It's happening to a bunch of shows, I might have to broaden my horizons a little to watch stuff I usually wouldn't so I actually have something to watch, I actually dropped one show this season simply because the threads were garbage so I might go back to that one

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The show was pretty interesting as well, Such a shame.

How longs the delay?

>I actually dropped one show this season simply because the threads were garbage

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Fuck this, how will I get my Steel Ball Run fix?

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Way to ruin my day

How do I get a cute stacked Chinese-American wife?

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We just don't know

Kek no one watches this anyway

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Get a time machine to 19th century US and find a laundrymat.

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Subs out.

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Hahah, the balls on this guy.

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I don't know if in Japan Appare is a popular show this season, here on Yas Forums many anons seem to watch it

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Dropped because the autistic MC annoyed me.

Would you have sex with the Orange Hair in the yellow dress?

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So they get payed by car brands?

Yes, but I would take off her yellow dress

Nah, pic related is the bnw racer.

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My sides, his face reminds me of golden kamui faces.

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Sofia is cute.

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