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Nao a cute

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Nao wouldn't bat an eye if you abused of her daughter right in front of her while she cried calling for her mommy.

only if you are Unyo-onii-sama

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Is he that much of a bad guy? Asshole, maybe, but his assistant seemed genuinely mad.

We don't know exactly what he wants, so who knows, maybe he could be an ally of Kaguya in the future

I'm pretty sure that he's just "a Kaguya that never went past the ice".

What's the first thing Hayasaka will do with her freedom?

>don't know exactly what he wants
Ooh politics. If, say, Kaguya and him do become allies, how could they reconcile with the head of the Shijos? He does not have a good impression of Un'yo and wants the Shinomiyas destroyed, and a Shinomiya-Shijo alliance is inevitable with Kaguya and Maki's friendship.

I think he's doing all of that for a personal thing.
The way in which he responded to Nao, makes me think that maybe he hates the family too. But that is just a guess.

Why is there a gap in translations between 90 and 140?

He definitely is based on what he's done, but he seems to resent the system that produced his attitude and could probably be convinced to help display some resistance against it in small measure if it's to help Kaguya avoid the same fate

Go read them here.

Poor Ai

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Poor Unyo, he lost both Hayasakas of his life.

>tfw Shinomiya Ai

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I hoрe no doujin artist would ever think about drawing a doujin about Unyo forcing both Haysakas to serve him while wearing only their aрrons. It'd be so terrible and disgusting!

Yep, I see like that as well. And it's clear he isn't happy about it.

He'll be, clearly.
The narrator said something about Kaguya's need to carefully manage her intel to decide on which of her brother support for the succession.

What if he'll lose his reptile eyes too once someone will let him know of his cute side? It happened for Kaguya after all.
It would be a pretty funny instance of male character moefication.

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Sasuga Oni-sama, teaching his precious Imotou the important of talking and forgiving other, truly the siscon of shinomiya

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How high is NTR's powerlevel in the context of this manga?

High enough to banish the incarnation of chaos seems pretty high to me.

He really feels that place, doesn't he?
Poor Unyo-onii-sama

imagine if hayasaka actually run away leaving Kaguya/shinomiya, without kaguya knowing of her betrayal.
Kaguya will resent hayasaka just because she can't confront her about the issue and draw her own conclusion.
Based onii-sama forcing the two facing the issue using "the shinomiya way" so it din't end up with bad ending for both of them

4D move, but I feel like there is more in his actions

Why doesn't she just marry the reader?

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cute snake

baka unyo reconciling with hayamom when?

what is his deal with the place?

Never. What's done is done.

Maybe he lost his virginity with Hayamom here.