Dragon Maid

Who has the best dragon form?

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tohru is so fucking fat

>Elma is the one always snacking
>her dragon form is the skinniest of them all
How does that work?

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Why'd they change Kanna's?

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I agree with this statement.

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still like it

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I can't believe Lucoa actually kissed Shouta!

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One less thing on the list, Tohru and Kobayashi next please.

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>red-orange room
>fire-breathing dragon
That scene was so hot

Stupid eel

Kanna is the fluffiest chorogon

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Why are there so many fatties?

why are there also worms in that photo

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I like Reshiram


Best dragon has best dragon form

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>Are you winning, son?

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She...she wanted to join them?

Tohru got demolished by Lucoa in the latest chapter, like not even a contest.

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So bros.....how long until they fuck?

I wonder how many innocent villagers Tohru has gorged upon to be known as the most obese dragon in the world


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..yo gimme the sauce. Is this from the lucoa spinoff or the latest chapter?

Fafnir is cool and edgy with wicked sense of humors.

holy shit, the madwoman

My question is why Lucoa has her dark brothers form and not her rainbow form