My recently hired maid

New twitter part

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top tier manga for small breaks desu

I am aroused, but also suspicious.

new chapter from the serialization too
I'll dump since I think its much better than the web series

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She deleted a tweet complaining about how pirates stink lol

were people harassing her for it?

The purple eyes are really cool, such a shame

Why is everything so pedo saturated these days?
Don't get me wrong, loli/shota isn't pedo translated into 3d, but the 2d characters, and the bait the mangaka set up for them pretty much is.

not really. i responded along with a few others saying we needed an english serialization

Just draw porn already jesus christ

people can just buy e-book versions from places like amazon japan.

with /ss/ the appeal isn't so much the shota, its pairing a big tittied women with someone much smaller than her so the tits look bigger.
Its also similar to yuri, since the other person isn't a 'man', they're not threatening to the otaku reader

I dunno man. shota porn has far more images of adult men/other shota doing erotic things with the kid, than an adult woman or loli

yeah, thats why I was talking about /ss/.
If people wanted shota, they'd normally pick something other than /ss/ since the focus there is the woman.

Is this shota shit?

this manga feels like reading the same chapter over and over

Welcome to SoL.

Same formula, same reactions.

>its pairing a big tittied women with someone much smaller than her so the tits look bigger.
Not sure i agree with this. If that was "all", then goblins, dwarves, even midgets would "do the job".
And i say this as someone who faps regularly to size difference where the woman is the taller.