Dr. Stone


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Boichi had a video up showing how he draws this exact image. Apparently had to take it down cause spoiler.

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I believe this is just a mental image. They're all feeling for the collapse of US.

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That's bullshit.

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>the allgator who dies in 3 seconds

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That's some next level upskirt on Kirisame.

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Why is hyouga shaking?

Tsukasa would have been enough. This is overkill. Bet everyone was itching to "go apeshit" since they were stuck on a boat.

>Kinrou nowhere to be found

seethey wanted meat

Senkubros, Chromefags are getting cocky. I don't like this.

damn what's up with senku's hand?

My inital thought was, welp time for sud America.
But this one cob clearly won't be enough, it just serves as a clue that they made it in time.
>the CA cornfarm still lives
>corn dies without humans planting it
You know what this means

is wild corn still a thing?

It's the hand the petrification bottle landed on. It's cracks, damaged.

Are they going to depetrify Trump and leave him in charge of CORN CITY?

It wouldn't look as nice as the one they found

No I meant in general. I don't think I've ever seen it.

America is now Purgatory.

I suppose. But to just randomly find it in a belly must mean it's plentiful. The reveal could. Be decieving. We don't know if it's wild or domesticated cause it wouldn't shout corn if boichi drew some "ugly cob".

What the fuck?

>We're going to save all humanity
>all 7.8 billion people
He's going to do it, lads.
He's going to find a way.

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Yes, this is metaphorical, just like the viking ship, Santa, and the space dragon..
No way trucks and buses would still be sitting there.

Corn's ancestor still exists in the wild. Corn itself is only found in farms I think.

>she's gonna do it

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