Why did she like Shinji so much? Were there 0 chads at the school willing to scoop her up?

Why did she like Shinji so much? Were there 0 chads at the school willing to scoop her up?

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Because the virgin NEETS watching the show need some hope that they can get a 8/10 girlfriend one day by doing nothing

*depressed virgin NEETS

You two idiots never watched the anime, did you?

I did watch the show, she was willing to jump on kaji's cock whenever and don't tell me every kid at school was falling iver and worshipping her, there should've been some chad at least.

She built all her selfworth upon being a pilot and Shinji was better than her. So in the end he was the chad.

There may have been cars at the school that hit on asuka, but a teen chad is nothing compared to a grown adult chad that has money and a car like kaji. The teen chads were completely outclassed.

because you don't put your dick in crazy? even shinji was too good for her. She deserved to die alone.

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Because the target audience is losers like yourself.

Because Eva is a harem animu and that's how they work

She liked Shinji because he reminded her of her own humanity, for which he hated herself, and he hated himself.
It's really that simple. Human beings are intrinsically rigged to like other human beings in their ingroups, and humanity as a general property. However realism and cynicism may make them also hate themselves and everyone else, all the more out of frustration because they want to like themselves and others.



She's obviously got a thing for weak little bitch boys, which is the opposite of her personality

Shinji was a chad.

Shinji reminded her of her own lack of self confidence and desire to be praised by others, so she was both repulsed and attracted to him.

OP speaks in buzzwords. You're wasting your time explaining it to him.

Evangelion is a self-insert anime for ugly losers just like most harem trash. In reality pretty girls find short, average and chinless men like Shinji repulsive.
Japs should start creating handsome chads as the mc already.

Why do you hate your own gender, fujoshit

every character in that show has a ridiculously angular jawline.

>Why did she like Shinji so much?
I love this trick question because it makes it blatant how many completely fail to understand her characters.

She does goes on dates (I think she was asked to attend one with the brown hair girl) but she obviously wanted to 'be' an adult, therefore desired adult companionship (which Kaiji always refused, because he's secrectly best boy in disguise)
In the end, she was always just a sad, little child always wanting to become 'adult' and viewed as one. She's by far more pathetic than any of the other characters, but in the end she's just pitiful

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He's 14. He'll grow up taller than any of the women eventually.

spierdalaj pedale

mega brainlet

Gendo is 190cm in TV and I think 180cm in Rebuild. Shinji will probably grow to be tall

it's a fujo not a fag

If you're not at least 2.20 m any woman including your mother must repress a gagging reflex every time she sees you.

Shinji inherited pussy magnetism from Gendo.

god I want to WIDEN Asuka's throat

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You want to hurt her? Disgusting

I guess you'd need to after Shinji crushed it

She never liked Shinji in the original though, maybe rebuild is different?

She is a 9/10 at least

Not necessarily, but even if it hurts I wouldn't stop giving her a good cockswab

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What do you think you are doing?
In Eva threads we all pretend to be retarded