My hero academia

new chapter

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What a boring chapter, wow. Nothing happened.

>11 chapters without Deku

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I miss him, but i want to see Shiggy Liberado first

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Oh we'll see him, just not in the way you're expecting

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that gif doesn't work when it's the same case for bakucuck and todoboring

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>Flame handkerchief
I love this autist

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> here, chew on this handkerchief
i dont get it

remind me of his fire necktie

so she won't bite her tongue.

Could also be a drippy cumrag, that he gives her to chew on.

love you other canonshipping fag

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Cauterization, most likely.

love you other canonshipping fag

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so she can focus on biting the handkerchief instead of the pain

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Love you more

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More goofy endeavour is needed

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Love you the most

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Krumbz art looks like those shitty deviant art kids everybody stayed away from in high school

I dunno if that user who asked is still here but I think I found the All Might pic you were looking for.

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>chapter out and thread is already full blown pairing faggotry
fucking nuke these threads on sight already

And here's a few other All Might reaction pics that I got

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Do you guys take bait on purpose as a meme or are just actually retards and enjoy sending this fanbase even further down the gutters

cucks be gone

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>Shitpost and dump crackshipping pics in thread
>Immediately turn around and complain at the quality of the threads and that mha threads should just get banned on site
You're too blatant

inb5 seething or triggered lol


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You forgot cope you miserable ape

That's no way to talk about the MC, user.

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yeah that's my fault if this fandom is pure reddit cancer, whatever helps you sleep at night nigger

Will the League of Villains ever catch a break?

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>Self-inserting as Deku
I SERIOUSLY hope you guys don't actually do this

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They're just retarded.

Notice there was no actual denial of guilt that you are the shithead spamming those pictures while also calling for these threads to be deleted due to low quality.

this one sparks joy
this one does not sparks joy

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can the fanarts poster go away please, or make another thread.

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You think we don't know you are the spammer? Just because you didn't quote one of oyur pics doesn't mean Yas Forums isn't used to your mentally ill garbage since mlp.

Try and stop me cuckfag

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You are the spammer, so yes, absolutely. Literally your fault.

Did your bot malfunction?

That wasn't me, bro.

I honestly wished MHA embraced it’s superhero motif and just go to town like what Marvel comics did in the 60s.


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According to Deku

this one sparks joy
this one does not sparks joy

finally, that shitty manchild is dead, good riddance