Domestic Girlfriend

Second-to-last Volume has Hina on the Cover...

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As a Ruifag, I will be really sad and upset if Hina really is dead.

As a Hinafag, I will be really sad and upset if Rui really does win.

she deserved better

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Hina kind of looks like a potato in this cover pic.

that's just sasuga shitting on hinafags again

Considering she'll be a vegetable after this, it's rather fitting.

> win
whoever wins, MC loses.

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DNK would be so much better with a loner/random girl end

We got this one Hinabros!!

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When do we expect to get spoilers? Tomorrow or Sunday?

Yea because the last one will be Rui

Last volume cover will be either:
Rui in her wedding dress
Rui holding her baby
Both Rui and Hina showing some sisterly affection.

Summer, likely. Japan is on a state of emergency

You said potato

I said breedable

Finally Hinabros, our chance has come

In the next chapter Hina recovers after the accident. Rui suffers a miscarriage from being pushed, and then commits suicide.

Natsuo can barely live with the pain and dedicates his entire life to putting his pain on paper. The title of his work is GE Good Ending.

Get ready negro.

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>Domestic na Kanojo
>Kanojo, Okarishimasu
>Kanojo mo Kanojo

What is it with WSM and Kanojo?

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Get yourself a kanojo, user.

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Fapping to Hina's dead tits!

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Kill yourself Shinz┼Ź.

So she is in the cover on the last volume magaseeeee

*cof cof*
get infected

You can't stop me.

One more face mask for my kid, Abe-san

Did Negi draw this? She looks fat af.

Hina a best
Rui a shit


Kill yourself retarded!

This means she wins, right?