Seriously, why? Tower of God and other korean manwha keep doing this shit

Seriously, why? Tower of God and other korean manwha keep doing this shit

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mobile phone format + make the shit look longer than it is.

anime and manga board

So they can put ads inbetwen


The first iphone came out in 2007. Did this style exist before then? Or did this style got popularized in the 2010s after smartphones and tablets were everywhere?

The more important question is "why is that shit allowed on sadpanda without giving it its own section so I can filter it all?"

I'd say probably in 2010-12,since back in 2007 webcomics weren't as common.

It's a shame that Koreans ruin whatever potential their comics have with this boring restrictive format. I enjoy the energy of some of their stuff.

If they wants to adapt korean web comic into anime format, then adapt sweet guy.

battle shounen like Tower of God has no place in anime.


It genuinely looks better on phones.
Also it saves you the time to think about page layouts and having nice panels every now and then.

Battle shounen like Tower of God are the kind that get long running anime.


I was kinda hopeful for like the first chapter or so.

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Phones because only normalfags and retarded phoneposters read them.

The oldest webtoon I've seen posted on Yas Forums are those horror ones with autoscrolling for jump scares and sound effects and they're from like 2010-2011

Everywhere else, artists draw their work with the idea in mind that people will read in on a printed page, or something resembling a printed page.

Korean artists do NOT intend their work to be read on pages. They are designed with mobile phone screens in mind. Even American digital-first comics are drawn in a layout that can reasonably printed in a collection at a later date. But Manwha artists don't even take that possibility into consideration because manwha do not tend to get actually released in a physical format.

The truth is that Manwha is an entirely new form of sequential art; its understanding of of the concepts of panelling, channels and layout is completely different from anything that has come before in comics.

Manwha is unlike anything else out there.

To go one step further, Yas Forums could tell you about how the concepts of sequential art evoled over the decades, how comics developed a myriad narative techniques. Manwha delibarately upends all those ideas.

Yes, but it's still a very bastardized format and as the example in the OP can be used to convey some feeling of time, some kind of "poetic" placement of panels, they usually don't work and feel randomly put here and there.

I agree that this could be a, more or less, interesting form, as is VN, and other new hybrids.

Webtoons are not manhwa though. Manhwa is traditional medium, like The Ruler of the Land, Shin Angyo Onshi, and Witch Hunter. They're paneled and uncolored (using screentone and traditional manga techniques) because they're made for print. Webtoons are made for phone only like Tower of God, Solo Leveling, etc. and are all digital and usually colored as a result.

So does South Korea still produce a substatntial amount on Manwha?

Most manwha is read on smartphones. It's like that so you can simply scroll down.
I'll add that popular manwha sometimes get printed editions that remove the white space and format the pages better. I know Solo Levelling and Tower of God has a printed format, for instance. They're not exactly of the highest effort, though.

Read this; it's the most informative examination of webtoons so far in the English language.

No clue. But they must have at least one magazine running because I'm still waiting for more Witch Hunter

Imagine reading K*rean shit.

Seriously user, how can you do this?

I would rather read conventional comics on my phone than deal with webtoon panelling, it just looks like shit 99% of the time and the ease of use doesn't make up for it

I know. I hate myself too. The only korean webtoon I remember reading before ToG was an ntr lite one called Drug Candy. Can't say I'm proud that I liked it

Incest is legal in Korea i reckon thats why there are less known pedofiles being predatory across the asiatic

Origami warriors is korean and that shit is lit ##