Go watch Excel Saga

Go watch Excel Saga.
If you already saw it a couple of years ago, go rewatch it.
If you already saw it a couple of months,weeks or even days ago...go rewatch it.
That's all.

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*Watch it all except the recap episode with too much forced Pedro shit

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And Puni Puni Poemy too.

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I still want to buy the entire manga in physical form just out of sheer amazement that it got entirely published in English.

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Does the manga have an actual plot or is it essentially just perpetual gag situations forever like the anime?

It has an actual plot. The anime abandoned all semblance of being an adaptation of the manga really early on.
The manga is still very gag and reference heavy though, every volume includes a section at the end for translator's notes.

It is more serious and it's fans felate it as the most amazing manga ever while also talking shit about the anime, I like the anime more because Ropponmatsu has nipples on it (and no Doujinshis doesn't count).

The manga only had 5 volumes when the anime was made and you can still see a lot of the stuff from the manga suring the first 15 episodes, Shinichi Watanabe just pushed everything to the absolute fucking limit and that's fine by me.

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Yeah I liked both, I still haven't read the entirety of the manga which is why I'd like to get it in physical form some day.

Then explain why the anime sold well and good great reviews...yet Crimson Shell sold like shit?
Being faithfull to Koshi Rikudo's work doesn't seem to do well,uh?

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I dunno user let's blame Shirow.

Most of his work is rather bland...that's the truth, user.
Only Holy brownie and his doujinshis come close to being as good as the Excel saga anime.

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In the mango there is any istances of excell excellent bare ass?

You have the dounjinshis for that, Kshi Rikudo mostly does loli porn however so most nudes are Rpponmatsu 2's, you can see Elgala's butt in the manga however.
They never show any nipples in the actual manga, unlike in the anime where they showed Ropponmatsu's nipples.

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