Chapter is out

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super bumb

How old is that girl?


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Water is serious business.

Jesus fucking Christ Yonagi. You don't need to have every last bit of context spoonfed to you. It's not even an implausible scene. Just work backwards from what you're supposed to portray and make shit up that fits if you need it to get all the nuance right.

wtf is she doing at the end

It's legit autism, what can you do?

This dork and not-pro girl is featuring the GIGA cover of this season

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Is this dumb commercial gonna take a whole volume? It's a fucking commercial, Yonagi.

If Yonagi is going to have this much trouble with it, maybe.

It's just a commercial, why would she take that much time to do the role properly?

Because Yonagi doesn't know how to actually act if she can't pull some personal experience to build the role. The whole reason she's there is to fix that.

Kei is so beautiful

>GIGA cover
>Featured by Yonagi
>No reaction at all

Actagebros wtf

1 volume is short for act-age's standards.

She has improved a lot on that front. The problem here is that this commercial doesn't require her to actually act, she's just there to look pretty. She's still in the mindset that she's playing a character and that's not what's happening here

She has refined her craft, but her main weakness is still there. The whole reason Kei's Princess Iron Fan broke down at the end of the first performance was because she didn't have a "forgiveness" experience to use for the final scene.

Why is she flashing her tummy like that ? Is not healthy

Sorry, I was enraptured.

how did Akira go from being an incompetent idiot to having a cute and funny professional gf?


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Writing her character's full backstory.

"What the fuck Yonagi, why does it matter that she has a scar on her left foot?"

Don't question a pro at work.

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It's like there's a galaxy hidden in those eyes of her

Her eyes are really beautiful.

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*dork at work.

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