Gets "summoned" into a parallel world

>gets "summoned" into a parallel world
>Accepts it like it's common occurrence five seconds later

Fucking ridiculous, is there seriously a whole genre of other anime with this premise? No wonder nobody respects people who consume anime.

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Don't worry, he has a mental breakdown near the midpoint of the story.

what is the correct reaction to getting summoned to a parallel world

Go to adventurers guild and get some quests.

I imagine the concept of isekai is already rampant in his world. I think the show threw a hint where he basically just thought it was a dream for a while.
I think it's definitely a big deal to suddenly find yourself somewhere else. I don't believe in a God so I'm dead inside, but if I suddenly got summoned to a parallel world that would open up so many questions.

despair, fear and depression before aceptance, with can take a lot of time.

Depends. If you never liked your situation or were apathetic towards it, you might like this big event.

Ok so having watched the original run and the reaired version last season I still don't get why everyone suddenly became Subaru's best friend because he told them about the whale. Was it plot convenience?

Don't think too much about it, user. Re:reeee is written like ass. Even by anime "standards".

There's a deep seated hatred for the White Whale and it disrupts trade route. The agreed to help him out because they'd be better of without it. During the fight he fought head on even though he didn''t have special abilities or training - he got his ass kicked badly during the 1v1 and all the knights were there. I don't know why you couldn't piece two and two together. It doesn't require plot convenience, just a little bit of brainwork.

Everyone treated him like shit the first two times though. Then he has a talk with Rem and everything is great. It's to big a change

Well, how would you feel if we dropped you off to a country like say, Nepal or Bhutan.
>no way to contact your family
>no available communication to contact any government assistance
>you don't even know where you are
>you cannot ask anyone because they speak a different language

That's the correct reaction
You don't, and shouldn't, believe that teleporting into a different country means that you are going to be some fated hero.
Always remember that you are just a nobody in an unknown land.

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It's weird that you chose the only good Isekai as an example to illustrate your point, there is a lot of stuff that killing anime and re:zero isn't one of them

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I'm doing a rewatch now that the directors cut is done and I'm wondering, how did reinhardt know subarus name? another fucking blessing?

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Existential horror at the realization that your entire worldview about religion and the afterlife (or lack thereof) was wrong.
>Despair that you're stuck in a strange land and will never ever see anyone you know ever again and will never have access to modern technologies and luxuries.

I just lost my family, the little friends I had which took me years to make, my computer and my living standards all in a day because a retarded witch wanted to fuck me.
After having an existential crisis, selling technology for profit I'll make sure she pays for this, years in the scream room is will be the beginning with a room 101 ending for a few decades.

>Existential horror at the realization that your entire worldview about religion and the afterlife (or lack thereof) was wrong.
To be fair most Japanese people don't really have strong religious convictions.

His just from a country and universe where its a common occurrence. Why do you think Japan is suffering from population issues? Its not cuz they don't breed, they fuck like crazy, but its the only way to maintain the supply of Samurai seed for thirsty European isekai worlds.

Depends on how it happened. If it's due to magical truck-kun I might imagine its a dying delusion of mine and be far less reserved.

>No wonder nobody respects people who consume anime.
In what world are you living, fag? Clearly not in the same as me.

>I'm doing a rewatch now that the directors cut is done and I'm wondering, how did reinhardt know subarus name? another fucking blessing?
He forgot someone's name once and thus gained the blessing to know everyone's name, would it really fucking surprise you?

Also, Subaru fucked up not cashing in on infinite training from this guy.

>isekai worlds.
its dnd shit, they dont actually try making any fantasy shit

This is one of the worst anime in its genre, and the whole genre is known for being not very good in general.

I don't recall dnd being full of monstergirl porn, but then again I don't follow it much anymore.

I heard this is supposed to be good, though they could have been speaking in relative terms.

They usually get powers when transported.

He did though

Isekai stories that take themselves very seriously have a strong tendency to not be very good, and conversely, most of the ones that don't take themselves very seriously tend to be good. Stuff like Maou-sama Retry or KonoSuba is fun to watch.


>doesn't take themselves very seriously
>Maou-sama Retry
in what universe

>ultimate weapon transformation is a stupid chuuni character that the main character fully acknowledges as a stupid chuuni character
>most of the girls are huge bakas of various flavors
>Maou's ultimate keikaku is making a healthcare center and spa with bunny girls
I don't know, comparing it to Mitsubishi's "realistic" whining and panicking about dying for the hundredth time, it seemed to me like a laid back, fun anime.