Isekai series about a genuine Chad trying to get back to his world so he can lead his country

>Isekai series about a genuine Chad trying to get back to his world so he can lead his country
>/apol/ hates it because of "muh Putin joke"
We finally get a good fleshed-out isekai series and this is the response you give. Fuck you guys

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Who asked?

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What's /apol/?

I was wondering the same thing but I don't think I will like the answer.

What the hell is /apol/?

No idea, can't be anime pol because pol love Putin.

The apolitical board. They hate this manga because the MC is a politician.

Did Hiroshima split Yas Forums?

Yas Forumstards that use anime avatars on twitter while pushing their political bullshit

I'm with you OP, I really like it. Don't really have anything I wanna talk about though.

No joke there should be an /apol/ containment board for all of you centrist fencesitting cucks that dont understand that every facet of existence is defined by politics, from the individual to the Empire and from the atom to the cosmos everything is political.
You retards need to know Yas Forums is a culture war battlefort from which operations to defeat evil are waged. Those who are unwilling to contribute in the political struggle should go back >>>/apol/

Actually /apol/ could also stand for Adult Politics.

>Yas Forums is a culture war battlefort

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3/10 b&

Fuck trannies and faggots

Anime soon

Fuck that noise. While you retards are rolling in the mud, I'll be watching chinese cartoons and having a good time.

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>Read muh Putin propaganda
>Putin so strong!
Fuck off retard

What the fuck are you on about

just enjoy isekai putin

The sad truth to this bait post is that there's unironically "people" who actually think like this

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What the fuck is /apol/

Just enjoy your damn isekai faggot

>a good fleshed-out isekai series
That's Isekai Oji-san, almost anything else is pretty fucking bad.

This is what I'd like to know.

Yas Forums doesn't hate it, but a lot dropped it when it got licensed, it's only recently it got translations again
who the fuck is /apol/ though?

Propoganda is almost always kino by necessity.

i think it's Yas Forums + Yas Forums ? like mlpol during that one april's fool?

Why do you type like an idiot?
Why can't you enjoy your picture book without being a faggot about it?

Heh, he types like a faggot and his shits all fucked up and stuff I heard he tried to rob a hospital

>argument for its quality is "it's about a chad, guys"
>wonders why people dismiss it as a gimmick series
It's about the same quality as Minoru was, i.e. passable but nothing more. Being manly doesn't magically make a series better.