SAC 2045

6 episodes in and it really isn't that bad. why you lie to me tv?

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why is she becoming younger in each version?


Its so bad its good

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it's not shit at all, it's pretty decent. although I'm not sure if that guy's penis was pixelated or doesn't have one at a all and I don't want to rewatch it to confirm.

I you don't like the original series you won't like this either. No 2deep4u philosophy bullshit, just political/military mystery and action. I gotta be honest that the 2nd gig bored the shit out of me as they went heavy with the politics but this one is a nice balance. So far at least.

This is so bad its bad tier. The whole atmosphere, lighting, composition, all shit.

Holy shit, in game CG has been better than this crap for at least a decade.

what an embarrassment for the franchise and japanese animation

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>3D anime
This always looks like shit.

i dunno man. that just looks bad.

Where's the weight behind her moves?

Looks pozzed

how are the voices?
dub or sub?
i liked the old SAC and 2nd gig dubbed

Why do they insist on using that shitty 3d animation? Is it just much mich cheaper? It looks like garbage, does SAC use the same thing?

Yes it's cheaper
No. SAC is 2D

i made this in source filmmaker

Haven't checked the casting but I think they used the same japanese VA for Motoko and Batou. No dubs yet but are coming, delayed due to corona chan.

What the actual fuck?

oh right damn

SAC was pretty cheap by 2D standards.

Ugggh, how did we go from this.....

to that.

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I'm gonna bomb netflix

Compared to the films it wasn't nearly as detailed but I still thought it looked really good.

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you tell me

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>Ilya self-inserts himself as a badass
what an egomaniac

too true

god speed, before they move on to more video games, OPM and Bebop.

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this reminds me of that one video of nigel thornberry glitching the fuck out on a staircase
I wish I could find it

its garbage dude, if i wanted something totally 3dcg by shirow i would watch the appleseed movies.
fuck this and fuck you for liking it.

this isn't real right

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Holy shit this can't be real. What the fuck happened.

They pixelated his dick because they didn't want to animate it flopping around

It pains me greatly to see this. They just use the raw mocap data without any animation clean-up. No additional weight impact, to passive gesture, no nothing. No wonder no one in the industry have said anything about the series

im glad i stopped watching anime

What’s it airing on?

I thought it was Japanese censorship but this makes way more sense

I posted the naked dance man but to be fair to the show has been good.

how can you even stand to look at it
it looks like a fucking upscaled ps2 cutscene
have some standards

another one bites the dust

Which Kojima games is this from?

You do realize the manga she's from was sex hyper drive mode right? She fucked and fucked and fucked and fucked. THey just didn't put it in the movies/series over the years, but she had a massive sex drive in the base content she came from.

No, it doesn’t. You haven’t touched a ps2 game in a long time. It looks way better than DDS1 and 2

Because she’s supposed to be a suped up sexbot. A generic pleasure model, heavily modified. The ‘95 OVA was all about the world from her perspective. She had no sex drive. She had no real ability to appreciate aesthetics because of how heavily modified her perspective was.

Hence why it’s been the only good gits installment outside the manga.

I can tolerate ugly animation if the story is good. But its sad to see GITS a series that used to have beautiful animation reduced to this.

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I realized most things can't be great at everything. Ghost In The Shell Arise had great animation but bad writing. This show is the revere. So I settle.

if you liked this shit, original SAC is going to blow your mind

the she had no sex drive thing is entirely wrong
they just didnt put it in the movies/series because they didnt want the rating it would get them
she's 1000000000% a bisexual sex addict

SAC had okay writing though it went be a little pretentious at times

Wrong. The first run manga hyperporn sequence was based in the idea that Kusanagi would, somehow, have to pay for her own body. This idea is utterly worthless from every thematic level.

Masses of pages and panels are dedicated to her sexual encounters and tastes.

Jesus fuck I haven't seen this movie in ages but I almost forgot how the original film is peak Japanese animation next to Akira. Literally helped invent the cyperpunk genre.

See .

The sexual attractiveness of her body was incidental.

SAC the new one or old one?

I would post the stuff I just looked up to prove you wrong, but it's all so sexually graphic I'd get a ban. You're wrong though. You aren't just wrong, I don't think I've seen this much sex in a manga that turned into a mainstream hit in my entire life.

SAC was absolutely not cheap. The series was produced with an 800 million yen investment.

This isn't real...right? I'm being baited?

Looks like Xavier Renegade Angel

What’s sad is to realize how gits came at the absolute end of anime’a ability to influence anything. Oshii was the last of his kind and everything since has been worthless.

There are a few modern gems but I don't think there will ever be anything as good as gits.

>She had no sex drive.
The Major has sex all the time. I'm not sure where you're getting the idea she doesn't have sex, and/or doesn't have a sex drive. She has a very active sex drive. I have the entire collection on my shelf. She has sex a lot and with many different partners. It's not even a rare occurrence.

That would be a waste of time considering how I’m saying the ‘95 OVA (oshii) was the only worthwhile interpretation of gits. How the original run of the manga just had kusanagi whoring herself in VR because shiro thought she’d need to pay for her body.

Reminder Ilya self inserted himself and also put his OC Donut Sreels in this.

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See .

Masamune shiro is an absolutely wonderful pornographer. But all his ideas about Ghost in the Shell are worthless.

>my waifu is a slut
Depressing, but it’s what I get for not looking into her original source material

??? ever read the manga shit head?
all that is in the background in the movies and series
they dont show it
but its always intended to be there
the major is a major slut

Nigga that’s 7.5 million USD... TODAY. Would’ve been even less 18 years ago.

>95 OVA (oshii) was the only worthwhile interpretation of gits
Oshii is only second, manga is the best version of gits

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Wasn't the original manga pretty lighthearted in tone also? I really don't get what people are getting pissy about

That's not how it works. Bring it to today and the cost doesn't deflate it increases because of inflation. So adjust 7.5 million for inflation and you have the real modern cost.

>posts fanart
Masamune shiro makes some fantastic pornography. He’s absolutely shit at science fiction.

this is what we get.

>trying this hard to deny the majors a slut
>muh pure waifu

>this particular image
the guy that made this is awesome
would highly recommend his animu videos

800 million yen isn’t suddenly going to be a sizable amount of money no matter how you phrase it. You’re basically choosing to die on the hill that SAC was objectively high budget.

I dont remember this version of the major at all. Had to refresh my memory. She a nymphomaniac.

All anime is cringe and that's coming from someone who's been stuck in Japan for 11 year


Not the guy you were talking to. The numbers don't work that way. If you're talking modern day you have to adjust for inflation. It doesn't magically become cheaper.

Major is a huge slut, a troll, and a greedy alcoholic who takes her squad to strip clubs. She's based af.

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Mate you don’t understand the budget for anime, 800m yen is about 3 times the cost of your typical stuff

For the fourth time, kusanagi was a whore in the manga because shiro thought shed need to pay for her body. The ‘95 OVA gives an alternative and much more realistic explanation for where her body comes from.

Calm down, fag. Your poem addiction doesn't change the source material.
We know about one lesbian orgy and that she and her bf from section 1 have loud sex.
That's far from what you're describing.

>I never watched the ‘95 OVA

Nigger, yen was never, at any point I history, worth more than .01 USD.

Is the ova approved by the mangaka?

Which only happened during a period when Japan thought making anime for the west would bring the bubble back.


Not that guy but you need to adjust for today’s inflation. 800m yen in the past may have been like, 8m usd, but because of inflation TODAY it would cost more, probably 10 or so million usd, assuming the inflation rate is 7% a year, you can do the math and look it up and check that shit out. I’m not making the argument.

What are you even saying dude? I just want to know if the mangaka approves of the rewrites. I don’t care if his science fiction is below your standards

Best scene in SAC is when that young boy asks her about sex and she's just like "why don't we fuck right now?"


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if seen TF2 and porn SFMs better than this.
It looks like a cutscene from Hunt Down the Freeman.

>Netflix original
>it isn't that bad
pick one

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>I never watched the ‘95 OVA
The movie?

>sparks from wood flooring
unironically jealous of that nigga's easy paychecks

What the fuck happened. How did we go from this to that

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Is this a youtube poop?


he's tracing himself, now? jesus christ.

The point is that masamune shiro is a pornographer with nothing to say about science fiction or what will happen to humanity when literally every sensory stimulus can be flooded to beyond any level currently imaginable.

His shit is designed to be hot as fuck in the context of, not even right now, but the 80s. When we are only able to just now cause those new hardbodied girls to have orgasms whether they want to or not, and no further analysis of what effect this will have on society is appropriate or even meaningful, or considered.

this looks like it was animated in Artificial Girlfriend 2

new gits is looking great

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>invisible in shallow water
why aren't her feet leaving holes in the water?

Is that fucking destiny she is fighting against?

its a world where everyone is a perfect android and the only ability of one entity or another to survive is their programmed responses to assault.

because he wasn't programmed to adapt to or anticipate her attacks. Because he was just a distraction for an emergent AI to upload itself into a body and get the fuck away from the US government(?).

That's harsh. The original GITS manga was a lighthearted ecchi manga not full on hentai and it had some legitimately interesting scifi concepts in it that served as the basis for the original anime.

The series has greatly evolved for the better since then though.

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The action scene looks really nice despite it looking like a amateur SFM video

Is it your job or something?

Tee-heee! chamone motherfucker!

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It's even worse than we thought bros.

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It's like one of those obvious props that doesn't have any liquid in it

The fact remains that masamune shiro is/was a pornographer, first and foremost. He wasn’t trying to comment on what defines humanity, but what is sexy to humanity.

The problem with gits is oshii evolved it beyond anything it’s been since, or ever will be.

>Literally helped invent the cyperpunk genre
brainlet never read cyberpunk books from decades before

You mean like kusanagi?


also if they've killed togusa I'll never forgive them

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Well, it did invent “cyberpunk” for all the literal retards who interpreted it to mean “80s/90s retrofuturism”


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Honestly, this would work if it was 2D and animated in SAC style and quality. The idea of a dude lithy dancing out of the way of bullets is a good one, but this execution here is so god damn bad.

All will become what? what is this N???

KC Green used to be so hilarious. I wish he'd go back to Gunshow style comics.

netflix jewshit isn't anime bruh

Apparently this is supposed to be a headbutt. Who thought CG was a good idea?

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In the manga she has some female fwb that she fucks on occasion. It is one of this friends that have a sex addiction and Motoko just goes with it. She provides her in several instances with high tech skin and says something like "its scary not to have any limit" about her friend.
Appart from that she has some boyfriends and normal stuff. So yes, she likes sex a lot, but not what Ill call and addict

I didn't know 12 year olds could drink beer in Japan.

>Who thought CG was a good idea?

nobody, but it's cheaper to make.

Jesus, this "show" is a webm generating machine

at least it's not berserk

dump them anons

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Will this finally help people to realize the Ilya Kuvshinov is artistically bankrupt and has spent the last decade or so tracing the same face and adding filters to it?

God willing.

>People in this thread think the major's redesign was bad

Oh boy wait until you guys meet the new member of the team. And oh yes, she's the spunky one.

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But user, the source of kc green’s humor has always been self-hatred, and kc green has never once, in his life, stopped hating himself.

>implying I am going to actually touch this shit

I have netflix for free since I am leeching but I am not going to click on it even if I have nothing else to watch.

Also she looks like literally every "original" girl he draws , disgusting.

Orion or Gits are legit some of the best mangas ever. Is just after eathquake-chan that Shirow's mind broke and went full porno


Appleseed from 2004 looked better than this.
This is Appleseed xiii level, maybe even worse and I happily forgot that shitshow until this reminded me right now.

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I know the word is overused but your post deserves it, "cope".

But user, shiro was always “full porno.”

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Tank Police is kino too.

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rwby looks better than this

Major? More like major lack of ass amiriteguys?

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that looks fine

Why do togusa and aramaki look the same age? I thought they weren't heavily cyberised?

and why has togusa left his family?

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>you will never be 12 years old and watch dominion tank police on sci-fi channel’s Saturday anime again

Fucks my mind up pretty badly.


Always wear a condom

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Togusa is supposed to be the only ... why even bother? It’s all nonsense.

this looks decent. models have a glow/shade not in the webms that keep it form looking like a cheap sfm

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No....that can't be real.....thats like amateur SFM. Holy fuck.

>Tank Police is kino too
What Tank Police?
There are various OVAs with widely different quality.

You're not talking about the mang, right? Because that wasn't really good. The first two thirds with the Greenpeace story were actually really bad and the last third was fin, but nothing more

God dammit, the CGI to the intro 18 years ago looks more soulful than this shit.

the absolute state of 3D """"""""""""""""""""""'anime""""""""""""""""""""""'

This is what happens when you hire a Deviantart serial plagiarist as your character designer.

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because the first movie was serious business so the entire franchise has to be serious business

>pays zero effort in rendering male models
>all female characters are sparkling anime-hair-colored chromatic-aberration-laced abominations

really loving this look bruh

The ‘95 ova being serious business defined several genres.

Men want to be generic, women want to be attractors.

Are you really not getting this?

Don't know which one exactly, the one where Leona is even more batshit than Kusanagi.

The classic "he's able to dance out the way of our bullets, I'll surely have more luck running at him and throwing a punch"

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this is so fucking dumb, why can't it be fist-fight > shooting guns at him when it doesn't work but always the other way round?

the nigga can dodge fucking bullets, are your fists faster than bullets now? fucking retarded

Why can't we have thicc mommy major back?

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>What I thought I'd do is pretend to be one of those well animated, compelling stories

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>Major? More like major lack of ass

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Is this dub or sub?
Just wondering if they got Richard Epcar back.

almost forgot about that shot. thanks for posting.

since it's netflix probably both.

What’s sad is catcher in the rye will always be the most influential book.

It's a soulless version of that resident evil movie.

Why did he keep doing the fucking backflips?

my babysitter was a nerd and used to rent vhs tapes and have her friends come over and watch anime, i remember her saying "you sure you dont wanna stay up? it has catgirl strippers.
i didnt know what stripper meant but i saw the anime later and now im a fucking weeb. they also used to tie me up and have me try to break out and then i broke into their house and killed their gerbil, she was heartbroken.

someone post shirow manga, you know the one with bestiality, also gits II the manga was based and i still have a promo poster.

>gits II the manga was based
said noone ever

For the rest: Nice! Especially the tying up part.

Dub's delayed because corona, but the english cast is already credited.

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Batou is such a chad

Nice, always warms my heart to see someone stick to a voice role for nearly 3 decades.

reminds me of the Octodad game

Do you have the german cast?

lmao what do you do now? teach english? fuck man that sounds depressing. so glad I escaped that shit.

Aramaki's VA is fucking 86 years old and his nip one is 89. Both very based for returning and still being alive.
Only saw english and spanish credits.

It's not anime

I do not understand how this man have career? Why do Japanese accept him? He is dishonourable.

I always assumed Aramaki's dub VA was an old Japanese national living in the states because he always has the same voice for every role. If you blindfolded someone and played them the Paranoia Agent narrator and Aramaki they might not hear any difference.

Reminds me of Mortal Kombat: The Journey Begins.

Nah I'm a house husband but we live with her parents who are 90

Redpill me on this Ilya guy

how high were the production costs for this movie?


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Damn Koikatsu Party Looks like that?

He's a good artist but he's too popular, normies like him, Japanese producers like his aesthetic and his followercounts. Him appearing win-win has made him slightly overrepresented in the Japanese anime industry. He's like a bahijd but more outgoing.

It blows my mind that every VA in this was a Brit putting on an American accent.

>things arent getting worst.
this is why properties stop die. Starwars PT never should have happened, this should never happan,

second part is much better and more interesting (and maybe even better animated)

The house raid is awful, but the episode on the secret NSA facility is great for example. Also the character episodes later on

God I hate this faggot.

He is good at painting, good production sense. I am also very sick of his work


John Smith is the worst rendered one, is it to make it even more unlikeable ?

The female characters are not that great either

Fucks sake all Netflix attempts in anime are utter garbage.
They should just give up.

why is he aiming at his feet????

aim at his center mass and he cant tap dance out of the way

Fuck off shill.

This guy is mentally ill lmao

Also he's notoriously uncreative. Drawing sameface, tracing existing artwork and directly ripping ideas of other artists without adding anything new.

Attached: This+artist+is+known+for+copyingtracing+images+painting+over+other+_2634dfb4b507c3bcb36cdf0bcf6d6c55.jpg (900x2815, 430.07K)

>Devilman Crybaby
>Baki (so I heard)
> Castlevania

They're trying to capture him, not kill him.

aim at his legs then not his fucking toes

GO on with this trash you faggot weebs.

this style is just so incredibly off putting.
>could work
no. I bet you were brain washed by that awful quality star wars clone show with the plastic still heads when you were too young to know better

People like his same face because it's got that russian-asian cute girl blend look japs are obsessed with. Ilya has serious chops in composition and color sense. You have to be stupid to not see it. Again i hate seeing his work and I'm sick of it, but people saying he's talentless are jealous. Like sans in smash, we all just wish we were Toby.

Who is ilya?my Ghosts in the Shell is rusty as fuck

someone post the Ilya Kuso pasta

On the contrary. The normies love him.

Hahaha, what the fuck, early GMOD animations were better.

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Characters and everything are the same in SAC. I watched the series with the laughing man and 2nd gig. They're the same, it's just the graphics that changed. It was only the movie that was very different.

jesus dude
I bet she really respects you. your kids definitely look up to you. thanks for raising some more elliotts and mei li's for me to bully and fuck, respectively.

Jap producers and execs are obsessed with normie mentality. To them Ilya is the unicorn they want, drone with popularity in the West and cute girls drawn to standard. That's why you see they've thrown him gig after gig in high director roles for the last 4 years

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Instantly not interested.

Based. Fuck Netflix.

if its any consolation his recent social media posts about conquering japan annoyed some of his key support

Why does this like your generic 3d children cartoon?
It's just a slightly better animated miraculous, boss baby series

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That's a movie. The original SAC series didn't have the same visuals as this and it was still pretty god and it's the same tier as this new SAC.


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why cant we talk about anime on TV once and awhile?

It has been years since i havee been in this god forsaken place

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How do we get out of here?

Attached: 1582519261690.png (384x378, 113.35K)

It's not even just that the characters look shit and move like shit, look at the background in that house. It's so dull and flat. The backgrounds in SAC 1&2 were CG weren't they? They looked loads better than this