Iwa Kakeru! Climbing Girls

Production information released.
- Director: Tetsurou Amino
- Series Composition: Touko Machida
- Character Design: Yoshihiro Watanabe
- Music: Tsubasa Itou
- Studio: BLADE
- Sumire Uesaka
- Yui Ishikawa
- Aina Suzuki
- Miyu Tomita

Are you all ready for rock climbing Shalltear, Jashin-chan and Gabu?

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which ones are voicing each character?

>Studio: BLADE
Literally who?

Looking forward to it.

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>Climbing Girls

why are these girls wear skimpy clothing with skin exposed.... risk of cuts and bruises highly likely when arms/abs/legs are not covered.

I think it's in order.
Konomi - purple - Sumire Uesaka
Jun - brown - Yui Ishikawa
Sayo - blonde - Aina Suzuki
Nonoka - red - Miyu Tomita

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Cute girls do ________
[x] Rock Climbing

Gabu confirming her character

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You make that sound like a bad thing, user.

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I don't speak moon runes but this is their website and they have a decent amount of works it looks like.


It looks like they do a lot of assisting with other studios and haven't done much of their own.

They are the creators of fine products such as
>Cheating Craft
>Gin no Guardian II
>Yin Yang Shi: Ping An Wu Yu

>Climbing a 5.11 on your first day
This is fucking retarded, I cant wait for the anime

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>Series Composition: Touko Machida
At least she seems to have worked on a few CGDCT series. That director looks like he hasn't done anything like this before and just done a lot of action and mechashit.

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I have no idea what the fuck that means but she's sweating and has her big tits out so count me in.

If you look up competitive climbers they wear pretty light clothing with tanktops to avoid it getting caught on rocks/tree branches and hindering their climb.
Don't get why these girls wear track and field clothes tho.

Do the characters have full profiles like birthdays?

So they're a Chinese studio?

You have my attention


I don't know much about climbing, but that doesn't look very safe.

I mean in the manga.

What's so dangerous about scaling the side of a mountain?

Company established in Nerima, Tokyo in 1990

The staff count on the site is 6 so I assume most of the work they have done is very minor and dependant on outsourcing and freelancers.

>Toned Yas Forums girls

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>bike shorts big tits abs


This has my attention.

Who the fuck climb in such a skimpy outfit? As a mountaineer I'm insulted.

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Ancient /asp/ as fuck.

>As a mountaineer

Yeah I'll bet you're a regular Edmund Hillary

Does it look like she's climbing a snowy mountain like the everest you retard

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