Admit it, he'd be a better character if he was female

Admit it, he'd be a better character if he was female.

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That slender form

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Murata all but draws him as a woman.

nah it's better this way. at least the amount of potential shipfaggotry to ruin threads drastically got cut. even if there were fags who ship homosexually, they'd hesitate due to Yas Forums's innate nature to despise literal faggotry.

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Those wide. Child bearing hips

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In some cases I'd agree, but not in this case. He works better as a butthurt pretty boy. My boner disagrees, but boner-sama has no sense of how to form a decent narrative.


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You must be despised a lot then


I liked his very first Murata design, he was a good-looking twink, but there he's just creepy.

It would have saved Genos from thousands of fujoshit doujins, that's for sure

You come across this lying on the street. What do you do?

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>The twink has the worst ass
Just like real life

did i strike a nerve, gay shipping trash?

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Seems like you're seething quite a bit

mmm yes more salty replies, delicious. keep proving to me how hurt your feefees are

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Yeah he looks like a teenage girl.

And I love it.

Yep, you're definitely seething right now.

True, but they wanted a yaoibait character.

>Admit it, he'd be a better character if he was female.
And get rid of the hefty fujobucks? Excuse me sir, but I don't think any sane person would do that.

I think we all know how we'd handle this situation.

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back to sweaty, I can smell you from here

That face is terrifying.

Nah, in the narrative of the story he is like a ironic Sisyphus, which are where most of his charm comes from, gender swapping would simply feel unnatural and jarring.

why, because you'd feel less gay? He's kind of a shit character anyways. I'm glad ONE dropped him after the sidestep thing

You know, normal people doesn´t like faggots eithe. But have the obligatory Muh Yas Forums

the balls are the entire appeal, user

Normal people don't care either way, only Yas Forumstards are angry over people having sex with the wrong gender

I have never read such delusional white teenager Yas Forumstard shit in my life

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He's wraith from apex