Have you forgotten them already?

Have you forgotten them already?
Do you forgive them?

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chadaka sunk tokyo to save hina
>dial 666
>hello this is the based department

I'm even ok with the choice on paper but I always wonder: what if they eventually break up? Then I remember that, thankfully, Hina isn't 3DPD.

>Then I remember that, thankfully, Hina isn't 3DPD.

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Is the plot to this literally just Kimi No Na Wa reskinned or what

Other than girl meets boy shit, they are completely different from each other in terms of plot, theme, flow, etc.

No retard, it's a movie about a man protecting his waifu

Is this the Shinkai movie?
I was going to watch it, but then everything got canceled because of the virus, so still haven't been able to see it.

They did nothing wrong. Fuck having to sacrifice yourself and your happiness for humanity.

Yeah it is. Liz recommends it because it is a masterpiece! Shinkai outdid himself again!

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Just waiting for the BD; 1 more month

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I respect the quest for pussy, and it just so happens I wish it would rain every day anyways. If the loss of New Orleans is my price to pay for that, then you'd better start calling me Katrina because I will drown those people.

I enjoyed the Aqua cameo

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Nah, fuck that bitch

what did they do?

I'll never be able to forget this flick cause it has some of the most obnoxious insert songs in animation history. All it managed to do was make me appreciate Kimi no nawa more than I had before. Tenki no Ko is everything wrong with the former, cranked up to 11.

Y-yeah, saving hina....riiight

radwimps got the pressure from KnN success
I agree that the OST for this one is just not as good as the previous

Total fucking morons. The OST for TNK is much better than Your Name. There's more to a fucking soundtrack than insert songs you troglodyte shitcunts.

The OST's quality isn't an issue. Competent sound directing can make almost anything sound good. It's the integration, and the way the staff shoehorned this "music video" vibe into what felt like half a dozen scenes. At least Kimi no nawa limited this misguided approach to ~2 sequences in total, neither of which felt similarly obnoxious as Tenki no Ko's lowbrow presentation.

Saw it in theaters and anxiously waiting for it to release on blu-ray.
Both soundtracks are really good. They both have memorable piano melodies and good vocal songs, they just differ in theme really. Kinda wish radwimps was able to make more of their TNK songs in english too but with the guest singer I can understand how she couldn't do it.

No blu ray yet?

May in Japan, September in the west.

Name of this movie?

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weathering with you

Hina was very very cute, but I wish she had more time to develop as a character, like how Mitsuha grew as a character in KnW.
Hina was more of a plot device honestly.

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Here are my favourites

God those pits though, i would flown a fucking continent for those pits.

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Mitsuha is just too good for this world
>help Taki get close to his crush
>burst down to tears when realize she also likes him
>go all the way to Tokyo to meet him
>emotional crushed cause he doesnt recognize her
>isekai'd days later
Dont forget about Miko's spit sake

Taki literally doesn't have a character and Taki in Mitsuha's body is a completely different person that is somehow a lot more masculine than Taki. Mitsuha's character arc gets fucked because they resolve the conflict with her father off screen.

It basically has the same structure. Boy meets girl, something blocks the duo through supernatural force then see each other again.

Honestly this movie was a fucking waste and more pitiful that it ended up being sandwiched by Parasite and Joker (more ironic when Shitkai himself said he wanted to make this film the equivalent to Joker, boy did he fail spectacularly)

>Mitsuha's character arc gets fucked because they resolve the conflict with her father off screen.
This was the thing that bothered me.
Does it at least show in the novel?

For me its

This is the glaring issue with Shitkai. Not only does he just focus on one type of plot that being boy meets girl and romance, but he cannot create characters. All he makes are plot devices that are just thre to setup the plot but never show the person in detail.

Like it shocks me how Children of the Sea got overshadowed by this shit. I'd rather watch A Silent Voice instead.

>Like it shocks me how Children of the Sea got overshadowed by this shit
it's not fair igarashibros
we had the better movie in every way, we even won the mainichi award, but the normalfags don't even know it exists

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>he killed millions...