Berserk chapter 360

berk out

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Cool chapter, when's the next one?

Bumping with the chapter

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The true meaning of this scene is pissing me off

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>the long awaited latest chapter
He's doing this on purpose

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It better not just be schirke and Farnese fuckin around fuuuuuuck

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it is

>it's not a Griffin chapter

thank fuck

It's just some intern at the magazine, I don't think Miura writes those

>schirke and Farnese fuckin around
That's the whole chapter user

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berserk might actually fucking end

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In before a truly monumental amount of bitching and not talking about the chapter.

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More Casca and Guts, very good. I hope their story progresses a bit in the next 13 months.

Wtf is that harry potter shit
Even farnese look a loli now

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I want to do things to this slutty fairy

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These tricks are nice and all but what are they going to do against an apostle? Seriously the only fighters in the group are Guts and Serpico and he is ready to dip.

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so what's guts gonna do now that he no longer has a purpose

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just wait, one of these chapters griffith will say fuck it, nuke the island, piss off farnese and they will get back to your regularly scheduled murderboner.

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