One Piece

Okay but how does he plan to get back to Wano?

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This is legitimately the most kino panel so far. So much lore hint in one panel.
>onigashima is the skull of a continent puller
>the katana is positioned as if it was stabbing the continent puller's heart
>who and what happened here?

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Swimming of course

The dynamic duo!

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Who is he

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>A small inconsistent detail that no one will notice
Oda cocksuckers at it again.

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Riding Momo

Kaido's ships.
Giant lore coming up. Elbaf being set up. You think it's a coincidence we had Usopp flexing this chapter?

Catch a ride on the Sunny?
Or Law's sub?

shinobu will come in clutch

>Hey anyone else find it strange that all of us happen to have names based on card games? Except Drake. It's a little suspicious, don't you think? Something's got to be up with Drake.
>For god's sake Pagey, shut up. No one wants to hear your conspiracy theories or delusions about an invisible soba man!!
>Drake, back me up on this one! You and Hawkins saw the soba man at that bathhouse.
>By the way, where is Hawkins? He's been MIA for over a week.

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they are samurai. they will swim back like men that they are.

Is this the biggest giant we've seen so far in the series?

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She's mine.

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>"That meal was amazing, Swirly-brow! What the hell did you put in it?"

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The plot thickens.

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Umm no

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you don't talk to my wife like that


Go die of a heart attack Queen you diabetic fuck

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>he didint hand craft in MS paint a exclusivle image for her

aint gonna make it

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I did not understand the last panel.
As in, the obvious "family" joke in the dialogue.
Someone tell me it's the translation cause I don't know what the fuck they're talking about.

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because Devil fruits affect clothing, why do swords shrink?

Fine. I'll just have this perpetually angry qt.

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>usopp noticed the enemies before anyone else without his binoculars and quickly dealt with them

Uhm Carrotbros? I thought she was supposed to be the lookout?

I can't believe it, Thousand Sunny is killed!

Aura affect swords.

she is useless I told you

Oda's playing with both Carrotfags and Anti-Carrotfags at this point.

When did Kaku make his swords longer?

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She is, Usopp has his workshop to take care of.

Usopp was just doing his job as the crew's sniper.

I play as both in these threads


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>People cannot even fucking admit that maybe Oda's inconsistency with sizes goes too far at times, and it's a genuine flaw in the story
>Would rather scream and shit their pants like babies and blame the people for pointing it out and noticing
Never change, cocksuckers.

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Fuck the fat fish fag.

Wait, it's tl already? Where's the link?


Sniper and Scout are rather redundant for the ship.

They're just shocked cause Ulti talked shit about Kaido.

>those eyes
>those lips
>that tongue
>those earrings
>those horns
>that size
>that smoking habit
>that not being a physical clone of either Nami or Robin
And I haven't even seen her legs yet

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Just read the chapter
>literally nothing happens, didn't even show us kaido
>week break for this shit

>sabotaging the greatest live medical operation that the world has evern seen
how can this series' protagonists be so cruel?

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>People cannot even fucking admit that maybe Oda's inconsistency with sizes goes too far at times
What? Size inconsistencies is the thing most of the fandom agrees on

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Marksman? Whatever.

Who's Who has a rather intricate looking sword.

The one that can't admit it is the sperg that thinks it's a new development (You)

She was too busy being smug.

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I can't believe Hawkins is dead
I hate LAW !!


is who's who kaidos son?
the fat fish dude looks like that earlier fish antagonists younger brother or cousin or something
why does page one look like a twink now?
uruti pretty cute but looks like that other girls

black maria the second coming of christ

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there's no joke: ulti was just talking shit about kaido since, apparently, the latter is asking the tobi roppo to take care of some family matters

It literally doesn't affect the story in any way


>Really aggressive out on his own
>Meek little brother in his group
Is Page 1 the Jack of the Tobbi Roppo?

i'll add one more character but you all pick, then i'm calling it a night

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Yasuie needs to be in

>The giant blade has the same hilt as Shusui

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>Jinbe's ass was stuck in his "steering chair"
>Everyone was busy giving a warcry to hear him screaming
>Now, he's at the bottom of the bay, wondering if it's too late to back to his old crew


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Continent pullers are way beyond giants, user.


What game are they playing?

>cock bigger than her brother
>cock bigger than kiku
>cock bigger than speed
>cock bigger than chiyome
>cock significantly bigger than fucking kaido to the point of fearlessly bullying him
She's a big girl.

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Well shit.


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Kinemon looks cross eyed

He doesn't
He expects to die in battle

bros was kaidos son teased yet

Fucking kill yourself

Was it autism?

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Who's Kaidos Son

I'm sorry but I just can't resist the giant bitch

This is the surrogate mother who used Kaido for Junior

Page one is such a lucky bastard.

Ulti does not have a dick.
Chome does not have a dick.
Speed probably does not have a dick.
Kiku is a mentally ill man and will commit seppuku some time after the Scabbards reclaim Wano.

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Why are they called Tobi Roppo now instead of Flying Six?

As of yet unknown

He's always depicted as cross-eyed

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It isn't about winning anymore, It's about dying trying
That's why Momo being kidnapped, Kanjuro betraying them and even no one showing up didn't stop them

no, he's a member of the tobi roppo

Prove it.


Ulti, mate

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I know Who Who's Who is

That's not how burden of proof works.

Based. Imagine her tss'ing in your ear as she destroys your butthole

any drawfriends want to please redraw this with Kiku as Cloud and Kinemon as Tifa
>Kiku... why are you still dressed like that?
>I mean, I'm not judging or anything... just it's been a while since your disguise was no longer needed.
>Kiku seriously, what gives?

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Probably just decided to stick with the Nip name. Like Shichibukai instead of Seven Warlords, Yonko instead of Four Emperors, Tenryubito instead of Celestial Dragons, Akainu instead of Red Dog.

You gave 3 distinct statements.
Without proof.
And now ask ME for proof on said statements.
You're a bit of a retard aren't you?

She’s included. Anticarrot fags BTFO

I'm pretty sure Onigashima happened way before WG began their research

>wait two weeks
>nothing happens: the chapter

>Luffy vs THE Kaido
>Luffy vs Big Meme
>Zoro vs King
>Zoro vs Orochi
>Sanji vs Queen
>Jinbei vs Jack
>Franky vs Sasaki
>Brook vs Who's who
>Chopper vs Page One
>Usopp vs X Drake
>Nami vs Ulti
>Robin vs Black Maria

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We just got two new waifus and an husbando what more do you want?

But everything happened, user.

Might as well swap Drake for Apoo and let Brook have a sound off.

>Ultifags want to be dicked by her and/or have their balls stomped by her
>Mariafags wanna jump in her vagina to be her dildo and/or be dommed by her
Dare I say it?

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lmao, you scared of dicks, fag?

>Nami vs Ulti
>Robin vs Black Maria
>Not lesbian vs lesbian and Dom vs Dom


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"look at all those trees, they look so weird!! i wonder if any cute birds live in there"
>"seaweed, kiku. that's seaweed"

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So you really don't understand how the burden works, huh? A negative can't be proven, Kinemon. Those girls having dicks is the assertion that needs evidence, and there is none aside from Speed.