How do you feel about Fairy Tail?

How do you feel about Fairy Tail?

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It's retarded as fuck but it will always have a place in my heart.

comfy and fun beggining but definetly became shit. at least the art improved and mashima didn't give a shit about something that wasn't god-tier ryona

trash from beginning to end, only good for Cumbrians and shipping plebs

It had neat powers.

It has a cute loli in the main cast, so it's automatically more watchable than 90% of anime.

of shounen anime, I mean to say.

I'm vaguely aware of it as a battle shounen generally considered sub-par by people that like battle shounen.

too many asspulls

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>It has a cute loli in the main cast
You could say that about a lot of anime tho

Most of them can't take a punch like Wendy can.

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I stopped following it ten years ago. However, the Lucy dancing webm is the pinnacle of art.


>loli ryona
yep, i'm thinking based, lads

I'm glad I dropped it after Erza's dead boyfriend came back for the third time, but goddamn the girls were hot.

The real appeal behind Fairy Tail.

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weird how it's better than ryona artists

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>Erza's dead boyfriend came back
worst part is that he literally did nothing after coming back. the other two girls cucked him from doing something important

It's the faces.

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Chapter 482 will always be my favorite fap material as a ryonafag. I don't remember ever chasing raw scans like I did with that chapter but boy nothing will ever top that godsend. Bless Chadshima

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The worst part of Fairy Tail is that Flare never joined.

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>she still won

there's an entire page of wendy getting beaten up while restrained, why it's not there??

I like gajeel. The rest is just me powering through.

For me, it's chapter 47.

Love how they hide her face in this.

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Gajeel won the flatbowl and he's based for that.

>chapter 47
I'm guessing Gajeel beating up Lucy? She got some decent ryona too, but Wendy and Erza were living punching bags post time skip

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47 of the spinoff, where Nebal goes DF.

>that anime adaptation
please tell me the bd made it more lewd

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actually fucked and impregnated her too unlike those faggots Natsu and Gray

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Trash, but OPs are good.

Oh yeah, Wendy getting BTFO and then the Irene outfit is definetly top 3 for me

>first op was never topped
>they didn't play it during the final scene where it actually fits
god, final season was a disaster

>Wendy and Erza were living punching bags post time skip
This. Too bad they never really got a solid L despite that. Would've been nice to see Wendy get rekt by her God slayer counterpart.

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W-Why do faggots hate Fairy Tail again?

It was interesting at first, then the plot went off the rails randomly inserting more and more powerful enemies out of nowhere that were literally beaten by bullshit nakama power.
Also the "quests" part of the guilds was forgotten along the way.

It lacks the pretentious "deepness" factor from other shonens.