Black Clover

Korean scans are out.

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guy on the right looks like gajeel

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Being Magna is suffering

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>tfw you're not a prodigy
I'm guessing this is why he started training with Zora.

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So Luck killed him? Based

And if just using runic magic was the big key, how did the spirit guardians all job?

>how did the spirit guardians all job?
They have no sense of strategy since they're powerlevelfags.

So luck is sonic or some shit?

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Kind of a shit chapter. I wanted to see Vanica take Nolls soul

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This is Luck’s true lightning magic, right?

It’s his shit mana-pool mostly. He trains just as hard as Luck does. Just lacks the specific feel for mana that Luck has.

Who is still reading this no stakes manga?

They aren't fight autists

Basically yeah

It's not fairy tail or tower of god, user

I was hoping Luck learnt to do this over the timeskip but that doesn't seem to be the case.

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>no stakes
Many shonen have no stakes, but if the story it's good enough it can be ignored. In BC case the lack of stakes can be ignored because the story is interesting enough

You mean tactics.

Did Luck go through his body?

He killed his ass

In most cases including this chapter powerlevels > tactics. Luck defeated this guy buy doing the same thing he did last chapter except stronger.

Like a flash

Give him some time, he’s one of /ourguys/ after all

Serious/non-smiling Luck always looks so weird.

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I dont see it
I feel so bad for my boy but I also relate because I’m also a retard with shit tier genes

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